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Our AIM in Life...

This is my comment to Vibhore's post "Grandma said"... being one of my deepest beliefs, i think it deserves a place in my blog too.. :)

i think its a wonderful post :)
You are so right in saying that finding out what we want out of our lives is in itself a Herculean task. . . Not just because we might not treasure tomorrow that which we treasure today, but also coz we dont know if what we treasure is what is good for us.
yes! I too have been through this 'digging' phase :D and the gold i dug out was 'happiness'. I believe, at the end of the day, any normal (i repeat, 'normal') person would want to be 'happy'.
thats why i say 'happiness is wealth' rather than 'health is wealth' coz even a terminally ill person can be happy. . Dont ask me how can they remain happy. Gifted people!! Newaz.
what i mean is the ultimate aim for man is happiness, and the ways are all different. Once upon a time, people worked to be able to eat, now there are supernodels who work to earn millions from which they cant eat, in fact they wont have 'work' if they 'eat'. For them, probably, the sound of applause is the source of happiness. So, here the fame becomes a WAY to attain the common AIM of HAPPINESS.
but most of us choose to believe that its the WAY which is the AIM. (otherwise, every person would have the same aim-happiness)

so, people AIM to be pilots, doctors, models, teachers etc.

but, if you ask me. I think its stupid to AIM for things. Now, i, for one, am a total bhagyawadi. So, i am totally into whatever my destiny gives me.
my one aim today is to be a good person, as a daughter, wife, mother etc. Coz i think that is the WAY to get happiness. But, well,of course, i dont know if i am meant to be a good gal, so i rather just let my body move through this world, living each moment at a time, tough, but well, i can try. I just need to live by my principles at this moment, what has to happen in the future, WILL take form, whether or not i try to make it happen.

and well, i totally believe in what Paulo wrote, not coz i believe that the entire universe is in love with me, but coz i believe that i am a part Of it. . And the universe makes me want what i am to get, if only, I give the universe the trust that it deserves.
you can even replace 'universe' with 'God' and say that since God created me, he knows what to do with me, and i need to trust in Him, and whatever it is that He wants to do. If i give Him this trust, He will bless me with the AIM to be what He has already decided i would be.
you gettin me? ?

i wish i be rich, with 5 cars, and lots of clothes and blah blahs. . I wish i be a gr8 teacher, i wish i be a historian too. I also wish to be (like i told) a good daughter, mother etc. but these are only wishes, that may not be fulfilled. And if i make any of these the AIM, i am in for a sad sad life. So, the AIM is happiness, irrespective of the number of cars, of relations etc. And this HAPPINESS is what the Universe will conspire to give me coz well, i gave it the freedom to mould my life.

if we think of the WAY to happiness to be our aim, we are in for a tough ride. Coz like you told what we want today may not be what we want tomorrow. Yes, the Universe will give it to you, maybe, but who knows if you would still want it or not.
but, if we choose the higher aim. . Some may call it PEACE, some may call it NIRVANA, some may call it SATISFACTION, i call it HAPPINESS. So, if we choose this, and if the universe gives it to us, (which i believe it will), we are left to believe that no one is as wise as Mr. paulo coelho :D
and here is something i wanted to quote from 'Giants Bread' which is my favourite novel, and also very fatalistic
"I know what i want and go for it- he doesnt know what he wants, or rather doesnt want it, but IT goes for HIM. . and that IT, whatever it is, WILL be served- no matter at what cost."

and here is something Preity Zinta told in an interview, long back. .
"I believe the course of life is destined. You have just to let your body move through it. You lose energy in plotting and planning. And then there is a sense of emptiness because you are tryin to create something which doesnt exist."

and one last, from the English Literature text (NCERT 9th standard (year '02)), chapter 'mirabai'
"Our destinies have been written long ago. Our going forth or turning back is of such small account in that great sum set by the Gods of which the answer is hidden from us."

Kind of like what Sri Krishna told "karm kar, fal ki apeksha mat kar"

{Do your work without expecting the fruits of your work}

now as a normal human, not expecting is not possible, but well. . We can try.
we should try, coz we dont know that 'fal' [fruit] we expect is the one we should get or not. . . So lets just do the 'karm'[work/action]. . Every karma has a fal. . Thats the rule of God. Our karma's fal will be served to us. Whether or not there is apeksha [expectation].
sorry for such a long comment, but, you know that i love your posts :) so, i cant help commenting.
and i think i shall post this comment as a blog post in jalpari. . Hope you dont mind. . What i wrote here, is one of my strongest beliefs, so please dont mind. .

Allah hafiz


Nazish Rahman said...

Its important to have aim in life as then u atleast know in which path u r in and its stupid to just depend on destiny. You must have heard that luck favors the we cant just leave everything on destiny.

I doubt if your not well u can b happy...difficult because with health all thing looks is equal to happiness.

According to my point of view AIM is definitely know where we are heading!!

*it was all my point of view...depends upon individual to individual!!

take care!!!

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Its gr8 to know that you have an aim in life and are moving towards it. May you get what you want. :)

in any case, i dont believe anything is above destiny, coz destiny is the word of God. And ya majority of the people do consider people like me to be stupid. . But then like you said, differs from person to person. . . So you can consider my belief to be stupid, just like i would consider yours.

I too doubted if ill people can be happy, until i met last stage patients, not able to do anything on their own, yet happy. . Happy for the people who take care of them, happy for the doctors who treat them, happy for the love they have got in their lives. Like i wrote, i dont know how they manage to be happy. Yet i have met people who are ill and yet happier than most of the healthy people runnin to better their material lives.

things work differently for different people, you may find an aim important to know where you are heading.
for me, an aim is only that where i WISH to head. . In my opinion, havin an aim or not does not change where i am heading. My aim doesnt tell me where im headin, it tells me where my heart lies.

yes, 'himmat-e-mardan madad-e-khuda' . . I think i have written already bout doin our karma. We shud never waver from our duties. . Go on livin life. Lovin life. '

and yes dear, we can all differ in our points of view, thats what makes the world what it is . ;)
you tc too.

Nazish Rahman said...

Thanks Allas i hope i got your name right.....yes i agree but one should never consider its own belief stupid and nor of i never considered your belief!!!

Well about the people who are at the last stage are happy thats what u can see but cant see inside that they too are not happy because no human being wants to die. If some are happy then dear do they have anyother they dont!!!

There are so many things in this world if everyone has the same liking then who will utilize the other resources and opportunities.

The fact of the matter is that we should give space to everyone!!!
Debates in a positive way are healthy!!!
take care!!!!

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Yes they are.
and all are free to have their beliefs, as am i .


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