Friday, 22 May 2009

Qur'an and the Vedas

I have come for a very quick post.
I was searching google for ‘TAMASIC GUNA’.
Well. Actually, a few weeks back I had been looking up ‘vegetarianism’ for weight loss and found bout the concept of the ‘gunas’- one of which is said to be ‘tamasic’… which brings inactivity and is …mmmm.. we can say, stagnant. This guna, among other things, is present in ‘Stale Food’ as well…
Fast forward to today…
I was studying SPM where I found how cooking does not kill many bacterial toxins…in fact, if you cook food..and let it cool down at room temperature for a long time, the toxins can be activated… in that.. they are getting a suitable environment to grow…and then, after storing this food for a long time, you just heat it up and eat it…this is sort of rekindling the toxins coz many toxins act best in 60-70 C temperature range.
The preventive method given in Park’s Textbuk of PSM says that we shud cook the food properly and cook it just before consumption, so that we don’t have to keep the food for long…of cpurse, refrigeration is a way out….
But, back wen the ‘gunas’ concept was born/made, there were no refrigerators…
So, newaz… I was reminded of the ‘Tamasic Guna’ but I cudn remember exactly which book mentions that… Is it the Vedas? If yes, which one…?
So, that made me search the net…and while searching for it I found this link… click HERE
I did not read the whole of the thing coz it’s too long and I have exams ..
But here is a small piece from it..

Holy Koran maintains through out only One Reality, which is all merciful, compassionate and benevolent. The vast sea of matter with its turbulent waves is an illusion of comfort. It is for this reason that the then Vice President of India, R.K. Naryanan at a function in Kerala on 6th Ocober, 1995 said that the teachings of Islam (contained in holy Koran) influenced the Indian greatest philosopher Sankracharya. Many orthodox Hindus did not appreciate linking Sankracharya with Islam, though it really means that holy Koran has an ethical metaphysics of pure idealism largely akin to upanishdic part of Vedas and has no resemblance with Vedic Brahamanas and mantras. . Like Vedic Brahma who is formless, ineffable, merciful, all pervading, omniscient, immanent and the only Supreme Reality, Allah of holy Koran and Ek Om Kar of Grantha Sahib are the same. Both Koran and Vedas do not contain any mythology and both refer to God as unborn and there is no incarnation of God as a human being.

While I don’t know if the entire text speaks of similarities between the two buks, I am MOST happy to find such a thing.
Long back wen I was a kid, mummy had read out to me from an ooolllllddd Urdu book how all the religions are linked… in fact that is the precise thing Islam teaches… that God created the world to shar His Beauty and Noor and Divinity… he then sent prophets to each people, they had their own books their own rules… with time, people took to worshipping these prophets…
But, in reality, there is no God but the one God… the One God who Created us all and has His Words scattered among all our ‘Books’…
It’s very easy to look for differences….
I wish people searched more for similarities… the world wud be so much more beautiful.
The Vedas, btw, are a ‘SHRUTI’…. They don’t have a writer… they are books REVEALED….. so, its very possible that these are one of those books which we, as Muslims, claim to believe in….
With time rules have changed, and yes I don’t deny corruptions….
But, ultimately… we see that God has wondrous ways.. if for once, you sit down with an open mind and think… the enormous size of this thot will weigh you down to tears…

I love the Vedas oh-so-much! I had written earlier bout Music in MyIslam where I told bout how, I believe that since God has sent different books to different times, there cud be (& are) different rules too…. We shud see the Quran as wat it IS.. the seal of the Books….it’s like.. God sent a Word… and then some more and then some more… and finally the Qur’an… He has added rules, freed us from Rules… as per His Will…
Some people didn’t move ahead into the next Book or Prophet.. commonest example wud be the Jews believing in all the Prophets but disclaiming and Jesus and Huzur S.A.W and the Christians believing in all including Jesus (as the son of God) but disclaiming Muhammad S.A.W.
Probably this has been happenng from ever and ever.
Muslims tend to accept Christians and Jews in the brotherhood… but keep out the others… which is kind of sick….
If only Muslims knew the similarities between the two Books and understand that the differences that are there are NORMAL coz well…. Quran is of the Last Times… and the Veds are the oldest of all…… like they say.. Hinduism is from ‘aadi kaal’ ….so, well… rules are bound to be dfferent…
If Muslims did this….. they wud know that Veds are beautiful…..

Well… I don’t have much time…
Gotto go..and ya, this piece reminded me of the ‘Hinduism’ series I wanted to start in MyIslam..\well….
Filhaal… no time..
inshaAllah later.

Read bout the Vedas HERE (i havent read it all.... but just in case you wanted a link )
Allah hafiz

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JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

And ya i forgot to add that you could very well think different. . . Cool. . . You may not like what i think, i may not like what you think. .
its ok i guess.
and i am not open to arguments, i seriously dont have time for that. Got exams. Tatas.


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