Saturday, 23 May 2009

Singh is King !!!

i started writing a post this evening.. but, it's goin to be a lonnnggg one.. so i thot i shud congratulate Sardarji before that...

so,.... my dearest Sardarji uncle :) :)

and ya.. congrats to the first family of indian politics too :D :D

waise.. at home.. congress lost, BJP won and abbu is angry at the whole world...
but,sach poochho to i knew it wud be so.. the contestant from congress was Kuldeep Rai Sharma, ..i hate him... and what has he done for the islands????????
ab tak, it was Manoranjan Bhakta who had been winning for Congress.. is baari he wasnt given the ticket coz he's grown too old :) :)..
mere ko achha laga!
but, i think the party shud have thot of it pehle.. ki bhakta will soon be out of politics.. so they shud prepare some1 else... abhi achanak ek anjaan ko khada kareyenge to haarega hi congress...
and uspar the BJPwala is that vishnupad Ray.. whatever the spelling...
he had won wen Vajpayee became the PM... dont remember the year...and he had been a good neta... Muslims were not killed or thrown into the sea, Alhamdulillah! every BJP wala is not crazy...
aur waise bhi.. apne alawa bhi to log hai na!!! hum zinda baaki murda.. aisa to nai hai...
of course, that feeling to hai ki yaar shit! BJP aaya power mein.. lekin!!!
you know wat i mean... i dont like Kuldeep...
many dont even know him... agar uske bade bhai ko khada karte na... taiyya bhaiyya.. congress victory was pakka!!!!
pata nai.. kyu..aisa stupid kaam kiya.
i think taiyya bhaiya is in some other party...cant be sure.. aur bhagat uncle to shayad Mulayam ke party mein hai...pata nahi... wats wrong wid everyone???
sab pagal ho gaye hai...

aur aleppey mein Congress jeet gaya... i wanted left to win... :( :(
the left ka candicate is a doctor... :):) aur waise bhi i love kerala under the Lefties.. :)
jo hua ache ke liye hua..
and inshaAllah aage bhi sab achha hoga...\
So, dearest Allah, take care of my country

:) :)
me goin.. Allah hafiz

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