Thursday, 28 May 2009

Six Months Hijabi :) :) Alhamdulillah!!!!


Alhamdulillah! It’s 6 months since I started wearing the hijab.
28 November 2008 to 28 May 2009
It was my b’day… my 21st bday. And it was the second day of the All-Kerala Intermeds held at my college.
Allah gave me a beautiful b’day gift. :) …..the most beautiful bday gift I have ever received. The second most beautiful being my name ‘Almas Kiran’ on the 28th of November 1987… moments after I was born.
Well, so here I am a 6 month old hijabi….

I remember oh-so-well how scared I was before I started off with it… I had cried like a baby in front of Anisha …. And I was sooooooo worried……
The first day.. I was with Saheba and Nadia , both from Port Blair (Saheba is a good friend from school) and are now doing MBBS in Thrissur Med Colg…like I told, we had the Intermeds going on… and so they were here in Aleppey… they had been so negative bout it/// so hell negative…. They were literally begging me not to wear ‘that thing’…. And that morning when I wore it finally, Saheb went on staring at me… Nads was somewat cooler coz’ I guess she wasn’t really my FRIEND… mayb .. don know… well.. newaz.. they both made me feel worse…
Saheba told, “hum log ka saath mein mat chalo” (don’t walk with us)……..and Nadia replied “Hum to pehchanta hi nahi yeh kaun hai” (I don’t know who she is)… wen we left the quarters… to go to the college, they were so silent… they made me so not wanted!
It felt bad, you know…….. felt bad coz they were Muslims….
Newaz… since twas my bday… since the intermeds were in my own college.. since I was leaving for home the next day and since I had to be at the announcing desk… I knew I wudn be able to be with them that day.. I had to be with my own classmates.. and I had been very sad up until then…. But, since they were behaving in such a crass way, I was like thankful to God that I was not to be with them that day…
I was very scared as to how my classmates wud react… but Alhamdulillah ! they were so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! Each and everyone of them…..
Why is it always like that??? Whenever you need to do something ‘Islamic’, you are supported most by ur non-Muslim friends?????
Or does it happen to me alone???
Many thot I have done it up only for that day (coz twas my bday.. so they thot it’s like some mannat-wannat),,,but, on the whole.. ppl were so good to me…
Allah bless them all.
I was so conscious….. so hell conscious…
Dekho, if I had started wearing the headscarf on the first day to a place, they wud know me that way.. they wudn mind… but wen u have dressed in aa totally opposite manner in front of these very ppl.. (just the previous day as well :/) and one fine day, you come up like this… you are bound to get stares… you are bound to feel conscious….

Many seniors asked me if someone had TOLD me to wear it…
Actually, malayali Muslim gals not covering their head (even if partially) is sumthing very rare… and wen I had started college I was like the most talked bout gal coz I dressed up in such an ‘ugly’ way….. (no it wasn’t ugly… not hijabic, that’s all..)

By the time it was night… I was feeling better and more relaxed…. I cudn meet Saheba and Nadia again that day… got busy with work….
Good in many ways…
Bad coz I cudn even meet Shanoob… and he’s one of those so-easily-gets-mad people…
Otherwise, I think God helped me by keeping me away from those gals….

The next day wen I went to meet Rahiya aunty who lives near my hostel…. She hugged me , kissed me and congratulated me…

Amuda and Me

Anisa and Me

I know it so well that wen I go back home and wen I meet my old friends they will laugh their hearts out wen they see me (they haven’t seen me yet)…not the non-Muslims… they will find it strange and awkward and all things stupid… but they wont make fun…. But the Muslims… the ‘Ummah’… they will have a good time laughing and mocking…. Because you know , Islam is baap ka maal!

I remember how I’d cried for Kerala during my counseling……. I remember how scared I was from going up north…. I was so hell-bent on staying in the South… the only seat remaining in the South was of Alleppey… so, here I am.
:) :) :) :)
One of the options was King George Med Col, Lucknow which is one of the top 10 Med Cols in India… I didn’t know it then….and I keep lamenting over how I ended up in this No-Hindi land by mistake…
But then, :) :)
I don think KGMC wud have given me Hijab……:) :)
Kerala rox!
God has strange ways… wen He wants to give You something… He gives it so silently… you don’t even come to know…

Here’s one of my all time fav quotes from my most fav novel, “Giants Bread” by A.Christie

“God knew best. One rebelled at the time, but one came at last to realize that whatever happened was really for the best.”

:) :) :) :)

Love you God! ‘fight’ postponed till I next get mad at You.
And well, fight ya no fight… Love You like crazy…mmmwwwaaahhh!!!

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tc all
Allah hafiz


●๋•guℓѕнαn●๋•™ said...

Assallam Aliekum aapi..

congrats congrats congrats :) :) :)
i m so happppppppppyyyyyyyy 4 u....
may b u know it...i mean i have felt the same way...and u must b remembering on how i used to ask u about to wear it and stuff...i even dint knew dat at that time :(

i hope u rem'ber that aapi....its been close to 5 months 4 me @...inshaallah i ll 2 write a post just one more month 2 go ;)

and u shud rem'ber taht aapi...becaue knowingly or unknowingly thats how u r became my aapi :)

aapi i am so excited that i cant think what to write...may be i wud have hugged u...cried b4 u..if u were b4 me..seriously aapi..i feel kinda gale me kuch atka atka sa..wanna reallllyyy shed a tear...khushi ka aansu...m reallly happy appi

really very very happy.

so happy that wanna gift u a hijab 4m my side :)...really happy aapi (my god how many times i wrote happy)

i wish there ll b someone who ll b happy 4 me once i complete 6 months 2..i mean theres no 1 right hijabi around ...

sniff sniff..i am really happy

May allah give u all the hidayat in the world :)

stay bessed :)

queen said...

salam my beautiful ALMAS!, aapi has been a bit depressed, but reading your post made me happy, congratulations my sis, and i get to see my sister too, kya baat hain! i have so much catching up to do om your blog so inshallah tonight i will get down to it. i hope to comment again
love aapa

Nazish Rahman said...

Congrats....those girls who opposed were stupid. if u are comfortable wearing them then carry on dont bother about others!!

lol...leave god dont fight!!!

Millz said...

Congrats on your six-month hijabi anniversary! woohoo! :) You look fantastic mashaAllah!

Falling Up said...

Mabrook! I am so proud of you. :) Hang in there, The people who bring you down aren't worth your time or tears. Know ALlah SWT is on our side. :)

You're very pretty, mashaAllah :)

Lisa said...

I cried whn I saw you. Mashallahhhhh, hijab makes you SO beautiful. What a sweet birthay this is, have a happy one dear.

kakchik said...

Congratulations dear Almas! And thank you for revealing those pics for us to see you. That makes me feel closer to you. You look so beautiful in the pics and I always envy people from Pakistan & Indian who looks like a Bollywood actress. And to top it up, with a hijab. May Allah helps you all the way sis.

xoxo, nadia said...

MashaAllah, you are gorgeous!

Aren't you glad you're a girl? :b

I am glad that you are, and that you didn't care what those people said to you. Sometimes, other Muslims disappoint us but what you did was to show them that you were not wearing hijab to please anyone except Allah subhanaa wa taala.

Asha said...

Haha Lisa, why did you cry when you saw Alams?

Anyway dear Almas, you look pretty in those pics masyaAllah :P I'm glad you decided to continue wearing hijaab although your friends were not agreeable to it!

JazakAllah khair for sharing! :)

Shy said...

congratulations dear tanki
it is so wonderful that u complted 6 mnths.............i wish i was u ...guts to wear a hijab in portblair at the age of 21when u've worn something else before....
i pray he gives it to me also....makes me atleast 20% of what u r .well u know what.. in bank sometimes due to mistake of us bankers a person's account is credited(deposited) by some other person's money.
i think your money is getting deposited in my account.....u do everything and i get all the good things in life....tabraiz,fizafaris,money,cars, name a few..
but later on the money comes back to the original person
this LATER will definitely come in your life when all the money(your doings) will come to your ACCOUNT..

my name is anytime better than yours.......ha ha

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Walaykum assalam and thanks all :) :) :) :)
will reply some time later inshaAllah. . . Gotto go now.:) tc
and aapa. . . I love you too. . . See i wrote a post :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Walaykum assalam gulshan :)
thank you so much darling :) of course i remember how we met . . :) :) we met with a good cause, so inshaAllah we will be together always :)
and heyyyy. . We all will be happy for you . . . . Never feel alone my gal. . .
i know it must be feeling bad not to have another hijabi around. . But khair, . . You will find someone soon inshaAllah. . Chennai has loads of em. .
bout giving me a hijab ;) well well. . Tumhara itna kehna hi bohot hai :) :) i shall do one thing, buy one and give it to myself tumhare taraf se :) oki? And ya. . InshaAllah next time i go to Chennai, we could do some shopping together. . ;) what say?
tc dearie . .
love you loads :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

wassalam aapi :) thanks a lot :) and dont worry inshaAllah it will be alrite . You are always in my prayers. :) love you loads :) and hey commenting is not a problem. . Ok. . ? Tc dearie.

thanks boss :)
and ya. . No fighting with God :p :p

thanks dear. . :) so glad to see you are back. . Missed you :)

@falling up
thanks dearie :) so true :) we say in hindi 'jab Allah meherbaan to gadha pehelwan' :) well. . . I assume you understand hindi. . ?. Rite?

thank you so much my dear one. :) take care of yourself, youssef and husband. Allah bless you :)

thanks my dearest neighbour ;) ;) and well, i have been feeling close to you for a long long time now. . I dont get to comment enuf coz am somewhat busy. And i try to write posts for my blogs when i get time. . But i am very regular with your blog and your beautiful pics Alhamdulillah :)

hey gal. . . Thanks so much :) :) yupps. . It hurts wen Muslims act bad in any way. . Not just in this case, in any way i mean. . .
newaz. . Hope your exams are goin well. . . Today was my first one. . . Alhamdulillah :) most probably gonna flunk :)

lolz . . Hey. . Lisa meant 'tears of happiness' :) and well thanks so much :) love you dearie.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Love you too aapa
thank you so much :) you remember you were not very happy when initially i had told you bout this. .
thanks to Allah that you all accepted me so well. I was very scared bout how you and esp Don would react. . But Alhamdulillah you people were so nice., :)
and well, we are all good people aapa. . Bas sometimes our goodness gets clouded. .
may Allah grant us all hidayat :) there is no end to goodness. Not just in the 'hijab' way, but over all, as people who can love and spread love. And be good people. may Allah bless us all to be righteous.
and never tell it that way, ki you are getting the blessings for my doings. It doesnt work that way. :) You see. . God is a neat banker. . He doesnt mess up with the accounts. :) we all get what we earn.
and ha if God is giving us more than what we feel we deserve, doesnt it give us a better reason to thank Him?
and thanks for the joke you cracked in the last statement.
mmmwwwaaahhh :* :* :* lots of shield-breaking-kisses :)

WhiteOrchid said...

you look great in hijab mashallah! May Allah give u the strength to continue wearing it properly :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Hey orchid :)
thanks :)
Aameen . . . . . Tc. .

noorsjourney said...

Assalamu alekium sister,

Just a note from a sister in the US who wanted to congratulate you for taking this important step. The blessings of hiajb are impossible to measure and I know how hard it must have been for you, but this is one of the things that Allah SWT loves so much and you will be so blessed by covering! I am so happy for you!

Keep blogging for the sake of Allah SWT!

Noor :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

walaykum assalam Noor
so true!
and thank you so much..
love you


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