Tuesday, 26 May 2009

UnA Noche . . . Ka Ching . . ;).

I had my SPM end posting today. alhamdulillah went well. . . Though i messed up an 'odds ratio' question.
well. . . So now am lying on my mattress (thrown across the floor. . . Not on the bed) eating chocolates (safari and vip) and listening to some songs that have been totally haunting me for the past few days. . . .
i downloaded the songs and now they are in my cel . . . And as much as i try not to do it . . . I keep on doing it again and again. . .
thats why. . . I have heard sooo many people say that music is the hardest thing to give up. . .
so much so that, i am thinking of totally forgettin bout it :( . . . I cant . . . I simply cant.
and trust me , it calms me down. . Relaxes me, makes me forget the 'pain' and just get over things. . . Some songs are so especially beautiful. . .
well. . . . . May be im being a loser. . . But i cant. . .
I am listening to

"Give me just one night" by 98 degrees

"You sang to me" by Marc Anthony

"Could I have this kiss forever" by Enrique

"Ka Ching" by Shania Twain. . .

cant you hear it ring
it makes you wanna sing
its such a beautiful thing
ka ching

lots of diamond rings
the happiness it brings
you'll live like a king
with lots of money and things . . .

well. . . . Thats all for now. . . .
Allah hafiz


NiDa said...

aww inshaAllah with sabr and good faith in Allah swt. we can do anything :) ....

try giving yourself an alternative to music. i am struggling with it aswell, but if you know ur working towards something, your not just giving up something else - you are exchanging it with something that Allah loves more :)inshaAllah.

... and its unA noche ;)


Lisa said...

I wish I could give up music too. Nida makes excellent points. It is one of my very worst vices, this is for sure. Oh sweetie, I know it's so hard, I wish I had some words of wisdom. The chocolate sounds good! Love you lots!

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

:( i dont know how to move ahead... i have been trying and failing and trying and faining for ages...:(
and yupps!!! its unA :)
thanks for pointing out... will change it!!

hmm.. i see we r all struggling with music.... :(
we r all left to ask Allah to help us out of this mess...
love you too lisa...


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