Thursday, 28 May 2009

When I die and come to meet you, I am goin to ask only one question. 'Why did you make me a girl?' . . . . Think of some real good answers . . . . Coz we are goin to have a big fight.


Nazish Rahman said...

lol...u were special thats why u were made a girl!!!

should b proud of being born as a who sacrifices for everyone and keeps accepting new challenges without making any fuss over it....thats the greatness of a woman!!!

so dont fight with him...hahaha!!

take care!!!

Falling Up said...

Be proud and grateful you're a girl!! We don't have the stress of having to provide for a whole family including our parents, getting enough money too send our kids to school, graduate school, have their weddings {the walima is usually bigger lol}, etc. All we have to do it clean and cook and raise the kids. Which sounds bad but really, I'd choose that over having to be capable of earning enough to support a whole family.

Yeah we go through physical pain more like labor and stuff but we get so much reward for all that. :) pLus in Islam we are respected so much more. Mothers are three times more respected than fathers. Dont get me into the Indian culture, but Islamically speaking, we are

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

ya.... thats true brother!!
but kabhi kabhi mere dil me khayal aata hai ;)

@ Fallinup
Islamically.... wow!!!!!

but well..... lots of diluent added to life.... Dilutes the sweetness of Islam...
:_(.... sometimes me feels sad! thats all...


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