Thursday, 14 May 2009

When The Sea Swallows The Land. .

Before 26th december 2004, we had never heard of tsunami. . . I remember mummy always used to tell how we were lucky to be living on an island with no rivers coz we dont have floods. . . She used to tell how it got dirty and unhygienic when water filled up the streets of calcutta when it rained heavily. She always told things like, "imagine if the seas get flooded. . How disastrous it would be"
. . . On 26th december, 2004 we learnt that seas do get flooded. . . And God ! What a learning session that was !!! . . You dont actually call it a flood, its a 'tidal wave', but then lets just do away with terminology for the time being.
so, now when you stand near the 'samundar kinara' (sea shore) lookin at the beautiful serene sea ahead and the gorgeous Ross Island shining under the bright sunlight, you know that it takes less than an hour for this serenity to disappear.
i have written a post on tsunami in this blog, will link it l8r. Now on cel. . . Im readin the chapter 'Disaster Management' in SPM. . .
update: i just read what shud the people do wen theres an earthquake. .
well, that morning, half an hour before the sea level rose, we had one of the strongest earthquakes that ever hit our islands (9 on the richter scale) and i was at the maths tuition centre that time, we ran down the stairs, then down that road to come and stand on the main road. . All this while the ground was dancing. We did EXACTLY what we were NOT supposed to do :s

Allah hafiz


Nazish Rahman said...

What happened was really very bad!!!
Hope this never happens anywhere!!!

lol...when it rains not only the streets of calcutta fill up but the story is same everywhere as a matter of fact now more in mumbai!!!


JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

It definitely was!
ya am sure thats the scene everywhere, i was only comparing calcutta and my place. .


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