Sunday, 7 June 2009

Crash and Burn . . Ya it was a gr8 album :) but i aint talkin bout it :)

Like i had told. . . Its crashed. . . Boom . . . :) no more reason to smile. :) no more reason to dance. :) its only tears now. Again. . . Tears rhymes with fears and with dears and . . . Hear gear near and many other words. A gal in my batch once told me not to cry coz it shows that i am weak. :) i dont think so. I think its stronger to show your weakness. And i had read somewhere, dont know where that the strongest of love is the one that shows its weakness. Dont remember exactly.
I sound like those stories . . Those Russian folk tales. . . Where every hero is Ivan . . Woh gaya waha . . Na jane kaha. . Woh chala bohot door . . Na jane kitne door. . . Aapa used to read it out to me. My mummy and sister are really talented. . . They can read out stories, they can sing, act, mimic people. . Total time pass. . And me. . The ME. . Cant even play with dolls. . .
so my happiness spell is over. . . I mean not that happiness, i mean the obvious happiness. That is over. Gotto get back to reality. :) oh! Reality. . . . There's no reality. . Its all a dream. :) Duniya to faani hai. . . Ek din sabko fanaa hona hai. . . :) and if happiness is faani . . So is sadness. It all ends.
And trust me Cancer is one loser zodiac.
so is scorpio. . In fact, sau baat ka ek baat. . There are two good zodiacs . . Sagittarius and Aries. And since Leo is also a fire sign, maybe, its good too.
Fire is said to be compatible with Air. . . But, very personally speakin, i dont like the Air zodiacs . . I mean i laugh and cry with them. . I dont really hate these PEOPLE. . But i hate their basic nature. . The traits that define their zodiac. .
earth is an element i really respect.
i dont really find 'good' friends among them, coz we are totally different people, but i respect them . I dont like their views, but somehow i respect them.
And then we have Water. . The lesser i speak bout them, the better. Cancer is a bloody water sign. . So is Pisces. . . I wrote bout Pisces earlier, rite. . Well. . Newaz. .
and what cud be worse for a Jupiter baby than having a Moon Rising. Bonus is an empty Seventh House. . . Well well. . Am goin .



Lisa said...

I'm a Scorpio and you can see what it's done to me sweetie! I am so worried about you, what happened? Is it school? A suitor? Love you lots sweetie.

xoxo, nadia said...

I'm a Scorpio and you just called it a loser zodiac *runs away and cries

LOL, nah I don't believe in horoscopes and you shouldn't too dear Almas (:

Yes cry cry cry. I hate people who tell me that crying is a form of weakness. Crying helps me! It's a form of stress relief. What about those people who smoke or punch walls to relieve stress. They're not health conscious and are violent!!

Hope everything is alright with you. If it isn't now then it will be in the future InshaAllah. Make lotsa du'a.
After that, you could treat yourself to something to feel a day out with your friends, a movie, shopping trip, chocolate ice cream...etc


●๋•guℓѕнαn●๋•™ said...

Assallam aliekum aapi

i m a Taurus, is that a earth sign or something????

lol...i dont believe in it anyways...

rest aapi...dont worry..Inshaallah everything ll b fine soon :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

sorry to all my scorpions :( didnt mean to hurt anyone :(

love you too lisa..

yupps nads...crying hels me too!! like u've said before.. we two arereally similar ;D

walaykum assalam gulshan
yupps taurus os earth :)

love you all


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