Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Do you talk to God?

Do you talk to God? I wish you do :) coz its such a beautiful feeling :)
if you read my blog from the first post rite down to the last one, you'd notice how often I speak to God. And not just while blogging, even otherwise, I totally love talking to Him. I remember, in one of my first few posts, I had told Him that i find it difficult to love Him, and that its easier to love Huzur S.A.W coz He S.A.W is a human. I am happy that today, I am head over heels in love with my God. :) Shukr Alhamdulillah. :)
newaz. . . So, I love talkin to God, though i must admit that I cant talk to Him while praying. :( :( The few times that i do . . . It sends shivers down my body. . . Truly. . . But, in general, i find it difficult to talk while making dua. . . My mummy too loves talking to God :) But she is more of a prayer-talker , if we can call it that.
newaz. . . .
A week or two ago i found a blog which is wholly a person's conversation with God. :) :) :) And it includes God's reply too (thru the blogger's mind, of course).
I hadn seen anyone else doin it. . . I thot I mite be the only person writin 'Dearest Allah' posts. . . I am so glad that I was wrong :)
This is one of the most beautiful blogs i have ever read. So from-the-heart. . . So direct-to-God ! '
please do read it. . .
i will add the link inshaAllah wen i get back to my lappy.
Till then,
find it in my blogroll 'Jalpari reads' . .
its name is

"My Conversations With God"

and ya, its a Christian site . . . So, if you are a 'Hater', you are free to hate that blog , that blogger, my blog, me.
For all others, i think you'll find it beautiful. :)

and ya, day before yesterday, i came across another site, this one's a Muslim site, and its bout a certain Sheikh and his teachings. .
I, personally, am not much of a believer in the one-Sheikh-for-me theory. Many mite disagree, . . Thats fine wid me. Newaz, so this site is quite a beautiful one. I haven read all the posts in the blog (neither this one nor the previous one) but the few i read . . Some from here, some from there. . Were beautiful.

and if you look at the bottom right corner, you'd see a note saying that we should talk to God as much as we can. :) Almas to happy ho gayi woh padhke :)
find it in 'jalpari reads'


:) and im suddenly reminded of someone who had told me long ago (after one of my first few letters to God) that my blog is so 'religionistic' and that 'you are nowhere in your blog'. . .and I was so confused. . . I replied that
"there's a prayer we learnt at school (The Our Father, though, i say Our Lord)
and in the other i am talkin to God. . . I am there everywhere. . "

i don know why was i reminded of
it now :) but khair. . .
and well, something has entered my right ear. I hope the creature comes out soon.

P.S- i found the first blog in Lisa's blogroll. . :) thanks Lisa :)

Allah hafiz


Bengali Muslimah said...

i do talk to God. =] it is such a good feeling. best of all, He's always going to be there for you to talk to. and i bet He's always there to listen as well

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

yupps! tfeels gr8 :D
the one sole 'person' who's always there for us.. our darling God :)


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