Tuesday, 2 June 2009

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someone from Bangalore, Karnataka reached my blog from 'google.co.uk' . . . Searching for 'which is the oldest quran or the vedas' . . . . Now since it is from co.uk i think someone from the kingdom searched it and reached his/her blog and he (my convenience) went back and clicked on other search results on the page. .

my wild imagination. . . Maybe he himself googled it, and i am complicating things chumma !

in any case, that was a pathetic thing to search.

of course, the 'googler' may be an ignorant one among the Buddhists, Jains or some others. . .

But if a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or even a Jew has googled it. . . . Its so totally pathetic. Lolz :D . . Im being harsh. . Oops . . Well. . . Maybe 'its so totally hilarious' ?. :D better than being pathetic . . Uh? ?

another search was from Bombay, Maharashtra . . . 'is koran a part of vedas'

hmmm. . .i call it 'Good googling' :)
what was funny here was the better search suggestion that google came up with. . .

Google said:::

Did you mean "Is KOREA a part of vedas" ?

Yes Google darling, thats what he(my convenience) meant. . . Thats exactly what he meant. . .He probably thot that Vedas is a continent and wanted to know if Korea, the country,
is a part of that continent or some other continent like Europe or Asia about which, somehow, he's heard of way more often. .

Or probably he thot that Korea is the name of a book, a holy book, the holy book of the religious group of people who call themselves Koreans. . . (and probably their God's name is Kora or Koko or whatever) and he just wanted to confirm if Koreans is synonymous with Hindus and if both the books, 'Korea' and 'Vedas' had the same author. '

Happy googling everyone ! :/

Allah hafiz


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