Friday, 26 June 2009

The Gutsy Hijabis....


Here's the link to a post written by Gulshan, Liberating From Right To Personal Choice : Niqab
It's a wonderful post on the recent French Minister's bakwaas.
and since i dont have time to write a post on my own, here's the comment i wrote on Gulguli's post...

Assalam gulshan
This was such a wonderful post….
Surely, a ‘perhaps’ was not needed there… they definitely have gone nuts.
I myself don’t understand how can a person say that these women are ‘oppressed’.. I mean.. c’mon.. we r talking bout France and not some other Taliban ruled country, are we?
Imagine a gal in India… in some little village somewhere…wearing the hijab… maybe shes doing it for God.. maybe she’s doing out of force by her family.. maybe…
If u fight for her right ..ok
But imagine sayin that ‘me’ or ‘you’ are being forced.. it’s kind of stupid.. I mean if someone forces me.. or anyone to do something, I can straight away complain regarding it to the principal of my college, to the police, to the media… it will be such a big issue.
With so many woman’s rights workers, NGOs and the fact that I am not livin in a Shariah based country, if I still feel that I cant stop someone from forcing me to wear the hijab, it’s a shame.
Likewise for France…. Im sure that country too has associations for women upliftment, im sure the education standard of women in that country is good, better than India I believe, same goes for financial independence… even then if they feel that their women are being forced to wear the hijab , it’s not a shame on these women, it’s not a shame on the religion o fthese women..
But, it’s a big shame on this country.
A country which in spite of being so developed feels that its women are being ‘forced’ to wear something….. is ONE hell of a pathetic country.

In fact, I think it must be common knowledge to people that in the wake of the increasing hatred for Islam, if a woman is wearing a hijab or a jilbab or a niqab in a NON-MUSLIM SOCIETY, she is showing way way way more courage and independence than any other woman who is shedding the hijab.
While I don’t believe in forcing hijab upon anyone, and I believe it’s a very personal choice..
I do believe that a woman who is a hijabi and is being MADE to leave her hijab is the ONE BEING OPPRESSED… being OPPRESSED by these fighters of women’s independence.
Whereas a woman who, in spite of all the hatred towards hijabs, muslims and islam, goes on wearing that she wishes to, whether it is a plain hijab, a burqa, a niqab or whatever… is the one who’s got wat we call GUTS… she is standing up bravely covered in her ‘tent’ (as people like to call it) and look like a ‘ghost’ (as people like to call it)….proclaiming to the world that
“yes I belong to the most hated religion in the world, do wat you want, you suckers!”

SHE’s the woman I salute…..

So.. well...

All hijabis out there...
:) :)

let's hear a 'booooooooooo' for the man.. :) :)

Allah hafiz


Bengali Muslimah said...

I want that hoodie!! =D
...after I start Hijab haha =]

All my friends ask me why I don't wear "that thing on my head" [haha] while other muslimahs do. I tell them its all about one's choice.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Yupps dear. . Its all bout choice. :) it would be gr8 to have you in the 'hijabi' family, though :) :) and ya. . . The hoodie is gr8 ;) . . I dont wear westerns anymore so not much of a use to me :) tc dearie

kakchik said...

salam almas, i would say, very well said and i second you. that french pm is still so ignorant in this modern world. he must be someone lacking in reading issues about other religions and their obligations and i'm sure he's a very oppressed person.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Wassalam kakchik
yes sister. . . He needs to learn a LOT. . . He needs to learn that just like there could be women choosing to shed it all and pose naked for magazines. . There could also be women who refuse to show as little as their lips. . . If he cannot force one group of women to wear clothes, he CANNOT force another Group of women to drop their clothes off.

●๋•guℓѕнαn●๋•™ said...

Assallam aapi....

u linked my post....yay :P :P
enough of self admiration :P :P

i want that hoodie...but where ll i wear it..ghar me ??? :( :(

and teh french minister really should concentrate on making his citizen wear clothes...and not to drop them....

but then wait...wouldn his wife carla bruni ll kill him :P :P

on a serious note...this is really a matter of big concern and i wonder how a person of that high position can make such a baseless and illogical comment...

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Wassalam gulguli

nai nai. . . Shouldn waste money :x :x :x :x dont buy expensive clothes only to wear them at home. . . Recession ka zamana hai :) :)

and ya . . I didnt know bout his wife . . . Read bout it in your post . . .

actually na. . . We shouldn be so harsh upon the man. . He is learning from the examples that his gr8 wifey is setting. . . ;) ;) the poor man is being given a distorted view by his own wife. Paaavammm !!! :p
woh bhi kya kare ? ? ? How can a nude lady's husband know the importance of covering up? :] :] :]

●๋•guℓѕнαn●๋•™ said...

How can a nude lady's husband know the importance of covering up?

If it wasnt for teh courier charges till france...i would have gifted Carla Bruni an abaya complete with a scarf and nose-piece....:D

but student bank balance never rise above the level of min. balance :( :( ..that too SBI standard :P :P


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