Monday, 15 June 2009

Haasil :)

Some people get etched in our memory.
You will be one of them. :)
I had never thot this would happen to me. Never. It is such a painfully beautiful feeling. It's also funny, kind of, i mean. . . You will always be someone very special. Bengali sweets will always remind me of you. And i hope i will be more than just a mukkutti gal in your college. You are soooo silent. . Good :) i name you . . . . Haasil . . . The first name that came to my mind was Iman. But, thats too beautiful a name. So, Haasil is fine i think. Thank God and you for those little moments of happiness. Ive been saved from drowning.

Close thine eyes and as thou sleepest, Heaven will change thy fortune from evil to good :)

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