Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Intro to many things...


I am back on my lappy after a very long time… :) and it’s gonna be my lappy’s b’day soon. :) … newaz…
Here is the post that I wanted to make from such a long time… the “Bloggers Quoted” post…so, this is goin to be a series in which I shall quote other bloggers… things they wrote that wound up my heart… tcud be funny, thot-provoking, rude, sarcastic or whatever.. anything that I like wud find its place here… I wudn be taking consent from the bloggers coz that wud complicate things a lot…. I really cant be on the internet the whole day…. And newaz… I ain’t ‘copying’ their work… I’m only quoting them…
Of course I’ll link their posts there….
Similarly, there’s gonna be “(Book name) Quoted” too…for e.g., “Brida Quoted”…
Let’s see if I can come up with some other “Quoted” posts…
Know wat? Im TOTALLY addicted to quoting things… and that’s why I really don’t wanna miss anything good that I come across.
So, well…
And I already have my “Dearest Allah” posts… have also started the “21 Reflections… from a single mirror :)”
There’s also a “Captured In My Soul” series that I want to do.. any ‘event’ that I remember from my past.. or even my present …something that’s very close to me.. maybe sad.. maybe happy…
Then the “Google Galleries”.. which is kind of a sick thing to do.. but wat to do? :p I love reading those search results.. and trust me if you click some other links on those search pages, you come across some really cool blogs. :)
“What a Pic!” will show some of the pics that I oh-so-love… I mean pics that I find on the net while surfing,,, or the pics that my friends mail me… or.. well. You know wat I mean…
And well.. I have already posted many Prayer Songs… and I want to post so many more.. I don know if I will give them a separate name or if I will go on posting them with their own titles.. and just label them as ‘prayer song’. Don know.


All new things will be added here inshaAllah
Allah hafiz


ambareen said...

thats a great venture!!! gud, looking fwd to the quotes! :) n i sed earlier why u used yellow font na, i was chknig your blog thru my mobile browser and the whole template didnt get loaded, so it was jsut white! now i saw it, clearly! :P slow, ain't i?!! newy, lovely template!

Nazish Rahman said...

do post them

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

@ nazish
yupps :)

ya.. i noticed later.. u are using opera rite?? in that case, you can click on post comment and then show original post to read it...

ambareen said...

Ok! Thank you, mate. N 'happy budday' 2 ur lappy :P do we get a cake?
And mashallah u r very innovative. Lovd ur '21 reflections' n 'google galaries'(the only thngs i hv chkd out so far! :P)
and yes quoting is so very interesting n fun. :)
good luck with ur venture!

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Hee hee hee . :) :) thanks thanks thanks. . . I wish i could give you cakes and chocolates and pista shake and chicken rolls. . . And yum yum yum. . :) but. . . Yeh duri . . . :p :p :p . . . Kya kare? . . .
thanks again gal. . .
i hope i stick to my plans regarding the 'venture'. . . Im so in need of time :) :)


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