Thursday, 25 June 2009

A Mermaid Dream & Talking To God :)

my eyes are aching. My acuity is low. And well sorry i meant my forehead is aching. Hmmm Alhamdulillah my paper today was better than the first one. First one wasnt really gr8. Wasnt AT ALL gr8. Hmmm. I had another dream where cham cham was sitting somewhere, was some function at college.
day before last . . Night i mean. . Had a little of water element in my dream. It was a fantastic dream by the way. It had all the people in the world. Abbu, mummy, aapa, fiza, faaris, mani, rahima, phuppi, phuppa, avin, ani's parents, alok, shikha didi, mansi didi, natasha ma'am, bhupi sir, nikhil sir (who lukd like K.C), azhar, shanoob (with a stud in his left ear:p), kaushani, another friend but i dont remember who, saheba, shaheen, pandey sir. . . Thats all i remember now. . . But. . . . Seriously, twas a big star cast :)
and ha . . . In one part of the dream mummy abbu, the gals with the babies and me. . We go for an 'outing' to this place which is a narrow stretch of land in a huge sea. . . And we sit there on those round chairs, like the one i had when i was a child. . And that jetty or whatever that stupid place was (twas narrower than the narrowest jetty in the world) was at the sea level. . Literally. . I mean not even an inch oocha . . Maybe twas a high tide :p lolz . . And ya. . We went to SUCH a place with the babies. . Oh . . The DON is absent from the cast na :) :)thats why :) warna aisa kabhi na hota :) and then . . All of a sudden, i find myself with avin. . And aunty and all (though i feel babies were still there) and i get up from the chair and say ki 'i am scared of water'. . (no, the sea wasnt violent. . . It wasnt totally calm either. . Or maybe thats what we call a calm sea. . Newaz. . Since i get so worked up by just the sight of a sea, i cant really say. . ). . And then i move back. . And then blah blah. .

last night i had a Mermaid Dream :) :) :) :) its been ages . . . Really. . Ages since i had my last mermaid dream. . Though, i dont remember much bout the dream (you see, coz of the papers. . I was trying to get back to reading the moment i got up. . And so couldn recall the dream well.). But i remember that it was not bout anything in particular. . And for the first time i remember the colour of my tail. Twas GOLDEN :) :) uhmmm that light golden colour . . Like . . I don know like wat. . But khair, not that deep golden of our ornaments. But a very different golden. . And i remember thinking that 'oh i am a mermaid rite now'. (meaning. . . Now i am in the mermaid phase and not a human . . . . That will be after sometime. . . :s) as if its the most normal thing in the world to keep shuffling between two identities, two identities belonging to two different species. Newaz. . . So i am this mermaid with a golden tail and i am looking at the land above (i am underwater. . . Near the surface. . And i am lookin thru the shallow waters at the bank. . . Which is rocky and ya . . . Some greenery. . Dont remember if that was coz of trees, or grass or whatevs) and thats all. . . I dont remember seeing anything specific, or thinking something. . . But ya i remember being happy that i have entered the mermaid phase . Again. ..Whatever. . .

another news is that my babies have started their great journey thru school. . .
their first day at school. . Was the 24th june , 2009. Name of school "Jingle Bells". That coast guard wala school which Ayaan attended.
:) :) my babies are 2 years 5 months old.
life is tough.. . . . . But . . . . Beautifully so :)

"My Conversations With God" is definitely my most favourite blog filhal. . . You SHOULD read it. . . Its such a beautiful blog. . . Its so so so beautiful (find it under "The Blogs I Love"). . . The other day, when my paper was screwed, i came on blogger and i knew the only one blog that i would want to read in that state of mind was this one. And :) it didnt fail me. There was a beautiful post thanking The Most Wonderful.
if you are on time, you may see a religious pic under the blog "Simple And Not So Simple Things" . . . (am on my cel, cant link. . Find the blog under "Jalpari Reads"), read that if you want to know what kind of people i totally love.
its the people who love God. :) not the ones who cant stop criticizing how poor a person is in following his religion, but the ones who show how beautifully they follow God themselves. Its not the people
who feel that their one duty in life is to fight with others's religions and show how bad other religions are rather than showing how good their own is. Its not the people who dedicate their whole blogs to bitching bout someone. I love the blogs and the bloggers who speak to God. :) who believe in God with a belief that is so special. Who question God, who fight with God, curse God, get mad at God, and then run back to him, throw their hands round His neck and give Him a kissi on the cheeks saying that they cant live without Him, that they love Him, and all that He does, and that they are sorry coz they have been naughty...and hug Him and tell Him all thats in their mind as they slowly drift into sleep.

Allah hafiz


Lisa said...

Mashallah for My Conversations with God. She is a sweetie. I love your dreams habibty! Mashallah. Love you dearly!

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

yupps lisa!!!! jean is such a wonderful lady...
and hey.. i found her on ur lbogroll!!!
thanx for that darling!!!
love you too my dear :)
lots of love to Youssef :)


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