Monday, 15 June 2009

Studies and Entrance and Ranks :(

so i couldn get average for both the subjects, i couldn sign for maliny and amuda, i missed my morning bus, i missed the 12.10 bus (not my fault, department's fault), i am waiting for since 12.15 for the 1.10 bus. . There. . I can see the bus at the crossing. . . Wait. .
ya. . . I love my college bus. . . Its my favourite place in alleppey,
i spoke to shikha didi . . She got a 166 in PGI Chandigarh. . She will repeat.
All india results are out. Simi's sister had appeared. Couldn clear. This was her second repeat.
amuda was upset coz people are crying for medicine, and we are wasting our medicine seat. I too became upset.
i have worn a beeeeeautiful salwar kameez today, i have combed my hair(i never comb), i have worn those rajasthani jhumkas or wateva u call it, that i used to wear in my first second years of college, i even applied face cream today. No wonder i missed the bus.
i didnt get appam in the hospital canteen, thankfully i got masala dosa at veg palace. I have no orientation of directions. . . I sat on the wrong side of the bus, the west. . . I thot that is west. . . But well, here THIS is west and the sun is kissing my cheeks.
I am sleepy, but i shud be studying rite? Simi's sister is crying.
anisha's sister got 160 All India :) :) imagine :) :) 160 ALL INDIA . . . she could go to any college. . . Almost any medical college in India. . . Any college. . . Any any any any any. She has joined Alleppey :) :) 1st admission of the 98th batch.
with so many junior batches. . . 90th seems so old. . . It was only yesterday we were first years. . . And here we enter the Campus :) :) :) my lovely college. No trace of humans. :) there goes bangladesh. . . . There goes pakistan. . . . There . . . Far away. . . Bharat . . . :) the dissection hall, the main building. . . . BBC. . Andddd
wait . .
so what shud i have? Chapati and fish fry and coffee :) :) :) and then i will have lime too from society. And then will go to Davidson :) :) remember davidson? ? The reading room. :) the other day i read a magazine. . What a good person rahul is. . Well, i hope he is. Though, i prefer priyanka :) i am so close to final year . . Know wat? Rice ko these people say CHOR and OON:) :) thief and wool :) :) and nose is MOOK and tongue is NAAK :) I LOVE KERALA :) :)
but almas is sad, i haven seen mummy for six months now.
fiza and faaris have become toofans . . Hmmm . . Newaz. Life goes on. I want a lime. Lime is the name for nimbu paani. Today two bystanders asked me questions in malayalam. I could understand :)
i wish i could understand all indian languages., :) then i could live anywhere. . Work anywhere. If i knew malayalam i cud talk to the old age home ke people, to those kindergarten kids, to the mess girls :)
ladies please stop staring at me. I aint an alien.
i am feeling lonely, yes, again. Newaz. There are so many workers in my college who are handicapped. I remember this word. I wont ever forget it. One uncle cannot speak. I hope i pass. I dont understand why i run away from studies. there are students in some other diploma courses, who dont understand english . . They struggle so hard to learn things. They read each sentence three times to understand it. I am wasting it all. Simi's sister didnt clear and anisha's sister got a 160 all india. . . TIME AANU DA . . TIME :)
mr. Irresistible is also a repeater. Re-repeater, i think.
karan singh is marrying a gynaecologist. . . He is himself gonna be a paediatrician from PGI Chandigarh. Everyone is studying. Except me :( . . .
94th gals were beautiful dresses. . . DAILY . . .
its amazing how engineers earn so much. I am jealous of engineers . But i cant do maths. I got 39/100 in 12th. Newaz. Am goin to have a lime, tatas . . Wow. . .Current nai hai. . .
Allah hafiz

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