Tuesday, 16 June 2009

When in India... Speak As The Indians Speak... :D

A year ago,at a bus station (not a bus stop...but those big bus-addas), i was asked by a totally confused white lady "does *** bus ******** *****?"
i was like "???????????? SORRY??????????"
my friend, who is the queen of foreign accents understood the lady, but before she cud reply to her... this lady turned to another man sitting in the bus she was talkin bout and repeated her question "does ### bus ### ### ###?" the man told "yes yes"...she jumped into the bus... the bus left...
all this happened in a fraction of a second....
and then my friend turned to me and told with a big smile on her face that the lady had asked "Does this bus go to Kottayam?"
i knew what was coming and i asked if the bus was going to kottayam...
she told me laughing, "No...it goes to Kollam.."

if only the lady had been wise to know that Indians, at least the majority, DO NOT understand their accent, and had said K-O-T-T-A-Y-A-M.. slowly with each syllable distinct and not wid the KO getting lost in the TA and the TA getting lost in the YAM... she wud have had an easier... relativley easier stay in India..

originally posted as a comment on INDIA-AAAGH: Honk If You Love Chinese ...by... Chailey


queen said...

hi almas where are you??? i have not heard from you in ages hope all is well.

Nazish Rahman said...

lol...welcome to India!!!

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Assalam aapi :)
ya Alhamdulillah all is fine, except the little downs of life which so inadvertently happen :)
well. . . Am so sorry haven been able to keep in touch, i am not commenting on blogs nowadays, coz it takes time, rite. . . You know na. . . I type such long long long comments :). . . And i dont visit my blog, coz if i do i will end up following feedjit google pages :p
and that almost always makes me visit all the other links on that page. .and thats why i am being so lousy in replyin to comments . .

my theory ends on 1st july inshaAllah. . . Hope to be back to blogger soon. . . You take good care of yourself . . . And do pray for me too.
love :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Lolz . . . :) Ya . . Seriously . . Apt comment :p


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