Monday, 6 July 2009

106 Friends in Two Days WOW!! :)

I had told in my 'shoes books and rain' post that i am back on orkut. That was two days ago. . :) and wow what a two days i had :)

now just as a little piece of info: 'once upon a time' a mermaid had lots and lots of friends. . . So many that twas difficult to handle. . . But like all things mortal, this too died and her life changed. . She shifted to another sea shore, from The Bay of Bengal, she now moved to the shore of the Arabian Sea, in a state called Kerala, where people spoke a different language called Malayalam. In addition, most of the people here didnt really believe in 'friendship' thru a foreign language (english). For them english cud be used for necessary communication. But, thats to it. Full stop. You couldn develop relations in english. And so. . . This mermaid couldn make 'friends' save a very few. In spite of her super gregarious nature, and ability-to-talk-to-everyone-on-this-planet
she didnt get a 'gang'. Her friends from school, most of whom were in metros- Chennai & Bangalore, went on increasing their friend circle, and living a college life that people dream of. . But this mermaid . . Struggled to even have a 'talk' with anyone.

and for the astrologically literate, let me add that this mermaid was a Sagittarian. . Tis told that a Sagittarian 'NEEDS' people. If they dont get the company (read: crowd) they need. . They lose health. They become not only mentally but also physically ill. A sagi needs friends and fun and laughter and thrill and the blah blahs . .
Plus. . This mermaid had a Cancer Ascendant. . Do i really need to tell you bout this sick zodiac ? Hmmm. . Well only the relevant thing. Cancerians are MOODY nuts.
and so our mermaid was prone to mood swings. . And especially when her 'Sun' (sagi nature) isnt being fed. . She is most likely to let her 'nodals' (cancer ascendant) take over. And the mix of these two zodiacs. . And all the complexities that will accompany the mix of a Fire and a Water Sign lead her to her 'Deleting Sprees' where she deletes people. . From her contact list in mobile, from her messenger, from her address book, from her social profiles. .
a month and a half back, the poor mermaid got so desp that she blew off the entire Friend List from her Orkut account.

She brought down 249 friends to 0 friends.

but then since , after all, she IS a Sagi. . Whatever fucker her ascendant be. . She started her journey on orkut again :)

and two days back re-filled her profile and added 120 friends (coz she doesnt remember who the hell were the other 129 :/) and oh oh oh . . Within two days the darling mermaid has a 106 friends. :)

isnt that a wow!! :) :)

and ya i know twill be tuf from here coz the other few who haven accepted the request dont hit the net very often. But well

12 to 106 in two days. . . :) :) now thats called a long jump :) :)

(12 coz a few had been saved)

and well. . Thats it. Almas is happy Alhamdulillah. Though, she is sad coz of many things. For eg she knows 'dreams' shud be out of her life, she may get terribly hurt. She knows she is heading into an abyss. She knows she is in love with someone who is not in love with her. She knows she is a crazy 'believer' and will end up hoping and believing. She knows this can rot her life, and so she shud guard herself against 'believing'. She knows she cant guard herself. She knows its a risk. She knows its risks that make life what it is. She knows her Cancer Ascendant will drown her heart if she gets hurt. But she knows her Sagi Sun will lift her up from the deepest of the oceans. InshaAllah :)
and ya she is talking in third person again. . . . .
name two other third person lovers : Muhammad Faaris and Fiza Tabraiz :) :)
the 'Goats'.

lolz. . Gotto go.. . Loads of work.
Allah hafiz.


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