Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Arent Muslims Weird? ? ? Hell, yes we are !! Just a little lesser than you!!

a comment i wrote for a 'FUNNY' post. Didnt want to lose it, so postin it newaz.

Hey . .
well. . .
firstly, circumcision is not 'obligatory' in Islam. It is 'recommended'. An obligation is that which is directly a command from God in the Quran. There is no command for circumcision in the Quran. It is practised as a 'Sunnah', that means following something that the Prophet S.A.W did. The Prophet S.A.W was born circumcised. Besides, even before Huzur S.A.W. , there were other Prophets A.S who were circumcised. Probably that is why the Jews are circumcised. However the Christians dont follow circumcision coz they say that it is not mentioned in the New Testament so it is not obligatory upon them.

foreskin being cut for increased sexual pleasure? ?? ? Wherever you read it from !!! That is not the reason why Islam prescribes circumcision. Like i told, it is just a 'following the Prophet S.A.W.' act. and if it DOES increase sexual pleasure, well. . . I personally cant say. I aint a man, i dont have a penis, i haven been circumcised, and i haven had sex. So well!! Me cant say bout that.
but of course if anyone wants to know the benefits of circumcision, the internet is a big world.

i dont know why jews 'bang' their head. But well muslims definitely dont 'BANG' their heads, that is, if 'BANG' means what i think it means. Coz i have been prayin for the past ten years regularly by the grace of God, and the minimum number of BANGS in a day is 40. .So if its really 'BANGING' i am amazed that i am still alive. :o :o
and hey. . . Had never heard bout Hindus banging coconuts on their heads ! ! ! Now now, that must be SOME banging. . . ! ! !

again the '72' virgins are not mentioned anywhere in the Quran, the number '72' is (reportedly)mentioned by the Prophet S.A.W somewhere (i have never read it) with regards to a martyr.
the Quran however promises 'virgins' , and the word that has been used is 'hoor'. . . The gender isnt mentioned, though, most people translate it to mean women. However, in the Arabic language, the gender isnt clearly mentioned. So. . . I do hope to get 'virgin' males in heaven.
besides, 'sex in heaven' is also not clearly mentioned in the Quran. It mentions, like i told, that we shall get virgins. Will we just hang around with them, flirt, or have sex is not really mentioned. Though personally speaking i would love to have sex in heaven.
So. . . 72 virgins for sexual pleasure for each man, is, kind of, an EXTRA blessing which OTHERS want to bestow on the Muslim man in heaven, not something that Quran guarantees.

and ever heard of 'Abrahamic Religions'? . . . It refers to Judaism, Christianity, Islam. The origins of these three religions were not SIMILAR. . . The origin of these three religions was SAME.

And i am amazed as to why would people get mad at your post. Isnt the world wide web full of such 'FUNNY' posts ? ?These people. . They really need to surf the net a bit more.

P.S.- to Muslims and Muslims alone. . . Do correct me where i am wrong.
Allah hafiz


●๋•guℓѕнαn●๋•™ said...

We are definitely weird...

weird we are following a religion which we say is way of life...

weird that it is actually so..

weird still...every one hates that religion

weird in every part of teh world there are Muslims....

weird we are giving explanations...

weird we are asked for the logical explanation coz we cover, live in peace, pray to One God...when shedding clothes, immoral acts, praying to creations....are birth logical

weird we care to draw all to the fancy place we assume to be jannat..

weird we all strive to be better and better no matter how much best we are..

weird we are not scared by the propaganda yet and still proudly say we are Muhammadans

weird that we never asked u ...why u r so un-weird ...

fullon bakwaas

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

"weird that we never asked you . . Why you are so un-weird."

:D :D :D
that was ONE sexy comment darling. :) :) :)
lolz. . . Yes. . . We are soooo weird. :) :) :) :)
this post was actually by one of the bloggers jisko i had praised only a few days back, that i like his blog a lot, coz he is talkin so beautifully bout Hinduism. . . And is not trying to crap on other religions. But, well. . Today he had this post all 'weird' bout islam and judaism.
and in the 'p.s' he wrote ki. . . 'no offence. . Twas just an attempt to be funny' :o

gulshan darling tell me why cant people find the huge sources of 'comedy' in themselves? ? Lolz.... Newaz. . .
your comment was too good ;) ;)
jiyo bache. . . Jug jug jiyo ;) ;)


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