Friday, 3 July 2009


i have no idea wat this is about... no idea at all...
i just felt bad after i read it...
so im posting it...
i repeat ... i don have any idea wat this is about....

Assalm-u-Alaikum My Group Fellows,,,,
I have read article " Geo's pro Indian attitude" by Aadi Awan.

I have some more information about Geo.

God Knows better. Just pray ....

Jeenay do Geo !!!?

1. Please clear your mind and think.

2. I think you are not aware of GEO... Its been funded by USA government.
just think, what / Indian/ American lobby want .... the basic idea is to
promote frustration, and despondence in a nation so they start to demoralize
the nation.. And the future can be mapped as they want to project in the
minds of 50 percent illiterate population.. ..that are born Muslim and can't
read ..But can see

3. Why USA is concern with only GEO, why CNN, BBC and Bush quote GEO? Why not
other TV channels in china, Japan , CUBA , Indian channels, Arab, France
..... ?why only Pakistan ???? ??

4. Why geo showed bodies without head, only fingers parts, people dying
after bomb blast? Does any other channel show these things????


6. In India more than 2000 Muslims were killed in Gujarat for three
months!!!! any 36 hours live coverage of these killing have any one seen on
ZEE or star or Sony, etc any Indian channels????

7. Babri Masjid was destroyed by Hindus any live coverage???? Nuns in
Tamil Nadu of India were burned alive in a church and for next 6 hours the
church was burning did any Indian channel or CNN or BBC showed that??

8. In France 700 cars were burned in one day

9. There are 89 separatist movements in India in 2007 ...from Bihar to
Kashmir Assam etc ...

10. Do you see on any Indian channel showing...250 million people sleeping on

11. Zee India never showed killing of Kashmiris and the attack on GOLDEN
TEMPLE , killing of Sikhs in Indian soil.

12. How many Israeli channel shows killing by Israeli soldiers, When they
kill Palestinians? ????

13. Have you ever seen Indian president or politician been given abuse on TV
channel during live coverage????

14. Any killing by Irish republican army???

15. 30,000 rape cases in USA do you see on TV?? but you see Mukhtaran
Maee on GEO, CNN, BCC

16. Why geo was not concerned with Benazir wealth and property?? And
Nawaz Sharif property??

17. Ø WHO is GEO???? Just think???? They telecast false news about emergency
and stock market crashed in Pakistan ...

18. Do you know Kamran Khan was getting RS 25 lakh per month,

19. Do you know DR Shahid Masood, was a member of NSF student party (a
political left wing student party against Pakistan and Islamic forces....
with RS 22 lakh per month and home in Dubai and Karachi . multiple visa ..

20. Same amount been paid to Hamid Meer editor Ausaf......even Nadia Khan
with Rs 6 lakh per month.... Such huge amount just for free???????

21. When they were not able to broadcast the 8 hour cricket match they said
they lost 1 billion rupee and just imagine without any money just for free
they were broadcasting judge activity for free, Nawaz Sharif for free and
Benazir for free........ all... 36 hour coverage just for free????????
????????? By a private channel!!!!! !!!!!!!!

22. 50 percent Indian dramas on geo and 25 percent with mix cast (Indian
and Pakistani) and Indian films (which are ban in Pakistani cinema are been
broadcasted by geo)

23. Geo did not show any good news like Islamabad, Peshwar Motorway but
instead it showed dead people in Karachi .... they never discuss 5.1
billion dollar of oil refinery in Pakistan instead they showed beheading of
Pakistani people...never discuss why America is telling Musharf to take off
his uniform ??
Are Good News not counted in 'Such' ?? Only and only bad news full of
frustration are 'Such' ??

24. Why USA only emphasizing on reopening GEO where Aaj and ARY also
banned???? How come Hamid Meer came on BBC and said openly Musharaf killed
GEO???? Why USA is interfering in our business..!! !!!

25. A COUNTRY WHERE 60 percent of population cannot read and never been to
school media must not be free...... because they can just tamper with the
minds of the people.. and shape the nations view the way they want.. Such
people dont have the right to be called PAKISTANIS!

> Pass this message to all Pakistanis


P.S- got this as a mail from a cousin (Paki).. am added to her 'family' group... thats why....i think it's a mail against some channel... watever.... it made me feel 'ohhh paavam'.. .. now, watever....

Allah hafiz

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