Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I've Got The Power>>>>>:D :D :D

I have got the power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-1.25 180degrees left eye :D :D
I've got specs and contacts.... disposable a set of 6 filhaal.
and it's really difficult to wear the contacts... Aapa's been using it for many years now,... she told ki it will be dificlt initially, but, later twill be ok...

some people dont wash their faces while wearing them.. like Aneesha, well.. i didnt know it.. and the first day i wore it(20th... i wore it on the 20th coz i was in a desp mood.. ki yaar.. newaz nothing sexy is happenin in my life... then wtf..why to wait for a 'lucky' day.. so i wore it on the 20th.. 2+0=2... which Almas considers soooo unlucky :/).. i washed my face maze se... achhe se mal mal ke.. and while coming bak to the rum i realized ki lens gir gaya ( i wasnt able to feel it... no we generally dont feel it, but, since twas my first day, had been getting a foreign body sensation thruout)... i rushed into the room and lukd into the mirror and no.. the lens wasnt there ...and tab kya tha!!! i started crying and cursing God (i was already quite angry at God.. plz read my latest 'Dearest Allah' post, i wrote it just after this 'lens incident' )... i got so so so desp....but, wellllllllllllll........ :/ :/ :/ then i looked into the mirror again, for a 'just- in-case-i-missed-it-the-previous-time' and there swimming above my cornea was this little saucer that is troubling me so much now a days.... huh!!!!!!!!

Bought these from Lens and Frames.. iske ad mein Shabana Azmi aati hai..... and now she wears a sky blue dupatta waala dress. earlier she wore a super sexy red+orange+green+many other colors wala churidar kurta.... and huge bangles... :) i loved that dress.
so ya!!!! celebrate!!!
I've got the power....

Allah hafiz

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