Monday, 13 July 2009


Assalam to no one in particular.
i am sad. I have been in alleppey for the past two weeks doin nothing. I was supposed to have my exam tomorrow. But there is a strike. There wont be any exams this week. No guarantee bout the next week either. In any case, i cant leave for home. That means by the time my exams start, i will have spent a month in alleppey, doing NOTHING.
twas college day today. Now why is it called College day remains a big question. Newaz. It was the last day of our union, i mean the union with majority of members , i mean major members, from 90th. Jeby Jacob was Chairman. . . And Ansar was General secretary. . . We also had our magazine release, editor Nitin Das . . . All 90th. There was a total bakwas mimicry. I feel like i dont exist. I swear i wont go home. Never. I totally want to get lost. I want to disappear. I want to stop feeling, coz newaz there is nothing to feel. So, rather. . . Lose the faculty of feeling. Sometimes i feel i wont live in this life. I will live, die, be buried. . Then be reborn. . Then. . Maybe. . Maybe. . Whatever.

Allah hafiz

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Queen said...

hi almas you have been tagged, plaese go to my blog to find out more


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