Saturday, 25 July 2009

SFI won.......and I am Confusedddddd :/

Well… SFI won ..!!!!
All posts…
And now am feelin the same way as I had felt wen BJP won in Andamans in the General Elections…
Am feeling sad……. :( :( :(
Am sure people will kill me wen I say this… given the way I was supporting SFI… but well…somewhere in the corner of my heart.. I feel like a traitor…
I mean.. well… I didn’t vote for Congress…:( :( :( my darling congress ….. :( and I am oh-so-not-feeling-good-bout-it…
And the pic of Rahul Priyanka above the candidates makes me feel worse….

For people who don’t know.. once upon a time I was in love with Mrs.Gandhi…. I was hell-bent in joining the Congress… I had started collecting Sonia pics….. I had cried wen she refused the PMship…. In short… I was crazy bout her.. thankfully that phase has passed and now am just another Nehru-Gandhi-Congress lover….

But I have some fundas… which keep troubling me from time to time…

One of these fundas makes me vote for SFI here…

Wen I told my parents that I didn’t vote for Congress… they were like ‘why? You?? Lefty?? Blah blah!!

And wen I told abbu that in my class KSU has won, he was the same old… “Of course congress won…which other party can??”
On being told that SFI will win the ‘real’ Election…. He replied, “You will see.. very soon.. Congress will win..”

Yeh toh chalo teek tha…
Mummy toh meri gr8 hai, she told me, “Hum log ka khaandaan humesha se….blah blah”
And then she asked if I voted for SFI coz of ‘HIM’?

It was then that I realized ki many must be thinking so….
Coz’ a few days bak wen I told M that I really wanted to settle in Kerala, she told ki “haaaa, I know the reason.. coz of ‘HIM’” *rolling eyes* as if I’m goin to marry him!!! Blah!!!!

So people…
Yes, He is a leftist… but no, I didn’t vote for the Left coz of HIM…
There were elections last year too.. and I’d voted for Left that time as well…
Wen there’ll be elections next year, I mite be very much out of this MASSIVE CRUSH… but .. most probably (cant be sure.. but well.. inshaAllah..) I’ll still vote for SFI…
And the reason is a very simple one…
I don’t want coalitions…
I want the entire Union to be made of any one party..
Otherwise the same things are goin to happen that we see in the Parliament..
BJP walking out for everything….. just not allowing the sarkaar to run smoothly…
And THAT ALONE is the reason why I want the Union to be a ‘totally SFI’ union.. coz newaz…. KSU is (not yet) strong enuf in my college to be able to set up a whole UNION…
They contest for very few posts..and so they shudnt win…

My decision to vote for the Left has nothing to do wid Mr.I..

And by no means shud anyone feel that voting for SFI has made me Leftist..
I’m stil very much a Gandhi-bhakt….

And the moment I step out of this college, I’m goin to vote for Congress…..

But not in any college elections….
However bad I feel….

Wen I luk at the KSU supporters, I feel that little pang…. How bad had I wanted to openly be a Congress member…. Here I am VOTING AGAINST CONGRESS…..

:( :( :(

But welll… like I told… I just cant erase some of my fundas…
Like during these elecs at home.. I wanted Congress to win definitely.. but… I was, in ways, against it…I used to say mummy ki only ‘blind fools’ like ‘us’ will vote for Kuldeep…. Is baar BJP shud win.. blah blah….

I behave like an idiot sometimes….
It’s sadist.. isn’t it??? I mean, if I like Congress.. shudn I just go and vote for it????
Why do I fill all this crap into my head.. ki aisa nahi hona chahiye.. waisa nahi hona chahiye.. blah blah….



Good that SFI won….
But well… whatever….

Again.. im being hard on myself… I mean..dekho.. after all this is just a college election… I mean.. c’mon yaar!!! I am NOT a malayali ….. there is no ‘Left’ strength at my place… all this will end with college… I shud just in terms of my ‘college’ rite now…
And college me…KSU ko vote deke faayda nahi hai… it WONT come to power….
And if I do vote for KSU… it’ll be like… I wanted to break SFI’s vote.. it doesn’t make a difference though.. but well… the entire fault is in my ‘fundas of life’…. They are just so BLAH!!!!

Shall I reason it astrologically????
:D :D :D :D
Well.. see am a Sagi.. so I ‘judge’ … but since I have Pisces Moon… and a pathetic Cancer ascendant….. I tend to get all softy softy bout things….


I shudn bother myself wid such crap… it’s of no use…

So, well….
Amuda told me she’z happy “thanks to me”… :) :) I was happy….
Saw Mr. I… ummmmmmmmmm………..
Kamal had a minor accident
Rabia chaachi is seriously ill… in Chennai now….
AvNa Bhaiya’s car hit a ‘triple-riding-bike’…all 3 spot dead…
I got angry at mummy and abbu…
Im totally pissed out…
And I hate the world.
Allah hafiz


argumentative said...

Sorry my comment is not about this post.

Just came across ur blog, read a few old posts and LOVED IT.

Honestly, ur "analytical reasoning" is TOP CLASS.WORLD CLASS to be exact.

For example in that "bollywood" related post where u were explaining to someone called "Nida".i am AMAZED .

Few suggestions for improvements:-

1) Use proper english in posts. NOT "sms" language. That will have a greater impact. Also it will help u because readers are often put off by "sms" language.

2) If possible use a different more wider template.
Anyways, just my opinion.

i will be checking your blog regulrly.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

hey thanks....

and thanks for the suggestions too, its only that.. my blog isnt 'reader-oriented'.....
ao i dont really mind if readers are put off.. lolz..

but ya, i agree most people dont like sms english... it just comes 'spontaneously' to me...

thanks, all the same. :)


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