Friday, 3 July 2009

Shoes and Books.... and Rain


ya ya ya!!! i know i'd written that I'll post on Banlieue 13... but that's just so typically me.. oh baby baby!!! :D :D
well.. so before other things....

got myself shoes and then a few books from the new shop at Kallupalam.... "Green Bugg".. it's got books... second hand books as well, (at 40 rs. each!!!!!!!!!!!!) and dvds and toys...
Actually the ATM at the petrol pump was 'TEMPORARILY OUT OF SERVICE' for two days... so i had to go to the ATM at Kallupalam.... and though i had initially planned to go to Campus Collections at Irimbupalam... i tot ki why to waste time to walk all the way there..(twas an auto and private bus strike ....ooohhh!!)and instead entered this shop.. (twas raining heavily.. btw.. don know why am i saying this khair...and im listening to Daastan-e-OM-SHANTI-OM dark side mix.....rite now!!!)
and as soon as i entered.. i saw the "Indian Authors" section on the other side and ran for it...
:D :D :D Both my sister and me.. have this thing for Indian authors... we totally love reading Indian Authors.... but if i bought books, that wud be a big gadbad in my budget... i saw some Khushwant Singh books.... but :( :( then i thot ki in that same amount of money.. i can buy two three books by some 'not-known' authors...
so.. well... i bought six books....
some were in special price and the Indian authors waale were in 10% discount...
khair to here they are...

1. The Other Side Of Laurie Baker by Elizabeth Baker

2.Chicken Soup For The Soul

3.The House Of The Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne... jee haa.. wahi purana story... i havent read it...

4.Sleepers by Lorenzo Carcaterra

5. The Painter Of Signs by R.K.Narayan ..from the Malgudi Series

6. Chip Of The Old Blockhead by Rupa Gulab

but don worry.. i aint starting any of these buks b4 i finish Brida....
:D :D
i also got two pairs of jootas.... from Bata... and yaar it was really raining heavily...
and Thaff doesnt have Tandoori items anymore....
:( :( :( :( :(

and ya.. i am back on Orkut... :) :) :)

and on more thing kehna tha... abhi abhi dimaag mein tha .. abhi nikal gaya.... ha.. i had thhis dream jo bilkul bhi nahi yaad hai.. (i can hear a few ppl say 'thank God' :D ) and bas itna yaad hai ki.. it was full of Mr. Irresistible..... totally... the same black shirt and tattered jeans and his ugly whiteness...

this boy is not fair... he is abnormally white.... when Allah was making him.... the angels appointed to make 'melanin' were on a hartaal.... he is just so abnormally white.... :( wuuuaacckk!!!!!!!!

chalo theek hai..
Allah hafiz

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