Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Surrender To The Unknown...

A lot of forces want me to change it seems.... here is my Orkut's Today's Fortune:
Today's fortune: Change is the law of life

and here is a little part from cafeastrology's site for all zodiacs (21st july 09 horoscope):
Flaws in an important system in our lives are revealed around the time of the eclipse, prompting us to redo or to start fresh. Something ends in order for something else to start anew. We may be called to give up something in order to move forward into a new chapter in our lives. Although the "new" may be unrecognizable, it is important to allow the necessary surrender to the unknown.

i think that last line "Although the "new" may be unrecognizable, it is important to allow the necessary surrender to the unknown" is so sexy that i shud get a poster made with these words written and hang it on the south wall of my room (that's where my table is)...

we all need to learn to give up at times..
i didnt want to be a gal, like so many others, who cannot live widout a boy friend... of course, having a boy friend wud be gr8. Lekin.. just holding on to something for the sake of keeping it.. i mean .. widout as many emotions as once used to be... is kind of faking it up.. kind of running away from the truth, ... kind of showing cowardice... and trust me Cowardice kills...

wat i did mite have brought a lot of sniggering to me from others.. but well, life is a risk and we need to risk,... at least affter i leae this college i wil know that i had tried ... so wat if i failed..
i tried na... kaafi hai!
warna.. id have kept thinking ki agar kar liya hota to shayad yeh hota.. ahayad woh hota... blah blah...

so i have let it go....

and here i am .. waiting for the unseen... the unknown...
its scary..painful.. yet there's a charm that nothing can match..
sometimes i feel, i was such a fool in entering a relationship at such a tender age... kind of stopped me from so many things... but then that's life, rite.. teaches us things in ways that we jsut cant imagine...
my relationship has shown me so many things...
above everything else it has shown me that i can change my world for someone who loves me....
i seriously can..
i changed my life, my self for him...
now that he's gone.. im going back to wat i was... goin bak to speaking to people... people whom i left for him...
every little thing in life teaches us..
i have learnt a lot... no regrets...

i need to move on...
there's nothing ahead of me that i can see and touch and feel and hold..
yet.. i know it's there..
and so i move ahead...
if i dont find it in time... no worries... i know it will find me... newaz..

Ending with one of the most rocking quotes i have read in a long long time..
"Although the "new" may be unrecognizable, it is important to allow the necessary surrender to the unknown."

P.S.- please read this post on giving up that i wrote in Jan this year... if you have read this post and you are not clicking on the link.. :D :D :D you are a BIG FOOL.. :D :D :D
Give up!!!

Allah hafiz

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