Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Third Professional MBBS Part 2 .... (Final MBBS)

It's here..... my final year... the year in which i have to study the whooolllleee of the course... starts tomorrow... Im posted at Medicine...Unit M1.... H.O.D's Unit.
Allah guide me and help me.. and pleeeaasssee be with me.
Allah hafiz.


Bengali said...

Are you studying medicine? I want to study medicine. Sister i'm coming to you when its time for me to start college =D and good luck! =]

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Oh it would be gr8 to have another 'doctor' friend :) :)
but my darling. . You privatised your blog and didnt invite me :( :( :( me is so sad :( :( :(

Bengali said...

aw, I made it public again =]
i was thinking about making it completely private, but nah, i don't get that personal in words anyway hah

sahil said...

3rd prof part 2 mbbs dept of medicine and getting posted in the HOD's unit... i am sailing in the same boat. my posting began on 20th july 09... its rather reassuring to learn that there are many others in a similar condition..in what ever part of the world tht may be..


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