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Until the 22, the Sun puts a spotlight on your sector of friends, groups, and dreams coming true. It's a sociable sector, and that's exactly how you are feeling--happy, light-hearted, and social. You're more detached than usual. Conferences or other gatherings that are related to future developments and/or shared ideals and interests succeed for you at this time. You may lead, facilitate, or organize an important group function. Personal relationships take on a fun, if impersonal, tone now. Activities with children increase. From the 12, some down time is in order. Before that, enjoy your lively calendar!

From the 22, the Sun travels through your twelfth house, marking a time of retreat and regeneration. Think about the attachments you have--to things, people, and routines--and consider which ones are dragging you down. This is a time when competitive energies and the ego are on a bit of a break. It's not the time to push ahead with brand new projects. Rather, it's a time of reflection, dreaming, and recharging your batteries. Situations that have naturally outgrown their usefulness in your life can now be put behind you. Endings of natural cycles may be part of the picture at this time of year. Your energy is largely applied to personal and private affairs now. Your disposition is introspective. Rest and reflect, and prepare for a more outgoing cycle when the Sun moves into your first house.
Finding a better position for yourself professionally speaking will be easier than usual this month, dear Virgo. Others are recognizing your charm and determination, and your ability to network and communicate with ease in July only sweetens the pot. Your social agenda is busy as well, as you find that you’re not only in demand on the job, you’re also generating great interest amongst friends. Your romantic life is likely to be emotional and dramatic from the 5-8, and the Solar Eclipse on the 21st marks a new beginning with friends and group associations.

Two eclipses occur this month. One is a Lunar Eclipse on the 7th at 15 degrees Capricorn. The other is a total Solar Eclipse on the 21st at 29 degrees of Cancer. The effects of eclipses stay with us for as long as six months, and they reveal main areas of focus for this half-year period. A general rule of thumb regarding eclipses is to avoid major decision-making in the week before an eclipse. This is because new information that could change our perspective often is revealed in the week after the eclipse. Therefore, major decision-making is best avoided from June 30-July 7 and then July 14th-21st.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th stimulates your solar fifth house. Surprises coming from a romantic partner or child may be part of the picture. Something that has been brewing or "in hiding" comes to light, or there is a significant fruition or culmination. Your house of creativity, romance, pleasure, and children is involved. This could manifest, for example, as a romantic proclamation from a lover, a creative project bearing fruit, a child revealing something significant to you, and other such possibilities.

The Solar Eclipse on the 21st marks a new beginning for you. Letting go of the past is necessary in order to move forward. This eclipse occurs in your solar eleventh house, suggesting that a new approach to friendships or new friendships altogether, a new path towards happiness and fulfillment, new associations or affiliations, or plenty of social activity are in store for you. You may see the light in a friendship, realizing its importance in general, as well as the importance of acceptance and camaraderie. Circumstances may be such that you bring a new spirit of friendship into a romance or other connection in the next months. This can be invigorating.

Venus warms your solar tenth house from the 5. During this cycle, you are most charming and well-received on the job. Your responsibility and authority are likeable qualities now, making this a favorable period overall for schmoozing with those in a higher position than you, as well as for negotiations or social activities related to business. Venus is charming, friendly, and affectionate, and her presence in your career and reputation sector brings social opportunities to your career. You are coming across well at work now, and romantic opportunities, or simply more chances to socialize and network, are likely. You are socially ambitious right now, and success may come though your good managerial qualities or some form of artistic talent, or, indirectly through your marriage partner. People who turn your head during this cycle are those who come across as especially competent.

Mercury transits your solar eleventh from the 3-17. Your mind is bright, alert, and active during this cycle, and you have the ability to come up with unusual and inventive ideas. Sharing your thoughts with others is a prime interest. Others tend to particularly enjoy your conversations during this transit--you are willing to listen as well as add your own thoughts. As well, your ability to grasp unusual subject matter and to intuitively understand what others are trying to say win you some brownie points! You could also do a lot of thinking and musing about your own happiness and long-term goals.

Mercury transits your solar twelfth house from the 17, and your mind is focused on private matters and past issues. You're searching behind the curtain, and examining the past for answers. This is a good time for research, quiet contemplation, and meditation; but do avoid being dragged down by issues that have outgrown their worth and purpose. Examining the past in order to improve the future is certainly worthwhile, as long as you don't waste your energy on guilt.

Mars continues to energize your solar ninth until the 12, making this a fabulous time for promoting your ideas and beliefs, although coming on too strong could work against you. If you can't travel, you'll feel like doing so, or at least travel in your mind, simply because you have a great urge to expand your horizons in some manner. Energies thrown toward recreation, travel, or just cooking up great new ideas are well spent and serve to refresh and renew your vitality. Creative projects can flourish with enlarged focus and redoubled efforts that somehow don't tire you out. Time flies when you're having fun and leaves you with more vigor than when you began. Big, ambitious, adventurous ideas can come to you in a rush during this cycle, propelled by the urge to do something you've never done before.

Mars energizes your tenth house from the 12, bringing dynamic energy to all career, professional, and public matters. You could find that your talents or services are especially in demand now. Courage, ambition, energy, enterprise, force, emotional involvement, business acumen, and a strong perhaps even compulsive drive for success can lead to professional recognition. You always like to see practical results for your efforts and take pride in doing a job correctly, and this is a good cycle in which to show your leadership skills. Don't, however, let your enterprising nature get interpreted as aggressiveness or insensitivity.

the year::::::::;;;;

2009 Overview. In 2009, dear Virgo, Jupiter is blessing your work and health sector, and you're bound to experience more satisfaction from your job, improved working conditions, and better health. Although work can be hectic at times, you enjoy taking care of all the details. If you have been trying to land a dream job, it's within reach in 2009. Virgos born early in the sign (August 23-28) are enjoying more credibility this year. Intense, fateful, and deep love affairs can develop for these early Virgos, or strengthening of current love ties. Virgos born September 8-22 are experiencing big changes this year. Increased responsibilities are likely. You could be taking yourself more seriously, and feeling a lot of pressure. Your worst enemy in 2009 is the tendency to be self-critical. Keep your sense of humor! Pressures and responsibilities notwithstanding, love, romance, fun, and hobbies are at the front of your mind in 2009. While romantic relationships of a more casual nature tend to fare well this year, unstable energy is with you for more committed relationships. Many of you are feeling strong urges to break free from your routine and to express yourselves in a freer manner. Conditions and responsibilities that you have previously tolerated or even enjoyed are now seen as overwhelming and restrictive. Saturn, the taskmaster, leaves your sign in October, which may be seen as a relief for many of you. A new cycle of buckling down with personal finances then begins. Career matters are exciting and dynamic from July 12-August 15.

2009 Details. Jupiter is moving through your solar sixth house this year. As a result, you are likely to see benefits and improvements in the areas of work and health, as well as daily routines. Your ability to handle the details required to do a good job is significantly enhanced this year, and others increasingly become more aware of your skills. Benefits may come through co-workers or employees during this cycle. Any type of service that you may provide is likely to go well. You are more successful in hiring people to work for you, if applicable, and improvements to your working environment are likely. You find more enjoyment in the work you do, and it is easier than usual to find employment now. You may get a new job during this cycle. Others will derive more enjoyment from a current one. Work tends to be very available to you. Health is likely to prosper this year, and medical procedures or programs, if necessary, are more apt to be successful. There may be an inclination to put on some weight, however, if you don't watch your sweet tooth. Some people get a new pet during this cycle. These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once. You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life.

The most favorable periods for these matters occur while Jupiter is in direct motion in your solar sixth, from January 5 through June 14, and then from October 14 through December.

Saturn continues to transit your first house until the end of October. Your physical body and mannerisms are a focus during this transit. Depending on your current age, it may be a time when you feel your age, or it is a time when you see your body more clearly. This is an excellent time for beginning health regimens, diets, and the like, simply because it is a time when you look in the mirror and see yourself clearly—not only what you want to see. Your outlook on life has been a little more serious and responsible. In the past while, you might have reached out to others in an attempt to validate yourself, looking for ways to boost your confidence. When these attempts failed, you may have felt temporarily let down and discouraged. Rest assured that Saturn will re-work these feelings, with your help of course, until you reach a point where you have a stronger sense of self. This is a year in which you can get to that point. This transit acts to transform your self-confidence in such a way that you question the source of your confidence to date, and discover a more solid base for pulling up inner strength. Saturn here acts to rip away the superficial. Illusions about the self, the body, and personal abilities will no longer be tolerated. The end result is a newfound identity and a realistic understanding of your own limitations, and your capabilities as well. In terms of career and projects, outward signs of progress may not be as forthcoming, yet the work that you do during this transit will lay a foundation for future success and progress!

Saturn begins to transit your solar second house from November forward for those of you born August 23-27, urging you to take stock of your effectiveness, self-worth, and finances. This stage of your life may be marked by hard work. Financial success may not be remarkable, yet it is generally steady, if slow to come by. This transit has traditionally been associated with financial loss, but in truth, it is more about our perceptions—you are apt to review how effective you have been on a financial level to date, and find some dissatisfaction with your progress. In fact, gains may be slow, but sudden reversals are not common with this transit. The purpose of this transit is for you to make the connection between your own feelings of self-worth and what you produce in the real world/get back from the real world. In recent years, you may have had some feelings of being unsupported (you may have been thinking, "I work so hard, and what do I get for all this hard work?"), but as the transit moves forward in 2010, you learn to look inside of yourself with a newfound clarity and realism and ideally draw up considerable strength from within. You work on your effectiveness in the world, and see exactly what has been holding you back from achieving the results you want. The challenge here is to capture the newly found and defined self-confidence you gained while Saturn was in Virgo, and now apply it in the real world.

Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in your sixth house three times this year--May 27, July 10, and December 21. A spirit of altruism and generosity, making connections with others from a different background, widening your mind through unusual or different experiences, expanded faith, and a feeling that anything is possible if you set your sights high enough are all themes. With the ruler of your fourth house and the ruler of your seventh house aligned, this year your sense of security is strongly reinforced by close partnerships. You may find that you are relied upon for emotional support from a partner. Existing partnerships may be especially nurturing, quiet, and emotional this year. In 2009, many Virgos will experience increased faith in their jobs and work routines. Some will land their dream jobs, or find themselves working from home and/or with a partner.

Uranus continues to work its way through your solar seventh house. Close relationships may have received a shake-down in recent years, and you may have felt that it's been hard to truly rely on a partner. Lifeless or outworn relationships may have been especially hard to bear for you. Some trial and error in relationships is par for the course with Uranus in this sector of your chart. This year, more changes in your view of partnerships are in store, but these matters are less pressing than they were in previous years. Neptune continues to move through your sector of work and health as it has been for the last few years. You are more susceptible to medications, chemicals, and other such things during this long-term cycle, so keep this in mind. Stress more easily affects your health as well. Some confusion on the job may have been part of the picture, or your job may have steered towards compassionate service, charity, or other helping professions. Although Virgos are known for their ability to stick to schedules, Neptune's presence here has made it more challenging to do so. Saturn in your first house this year will help to keep you more organized.

For Virgos born August 23-26 and those with a Virgo Ascendant of 0-3 degrees, Pluto trines your Sun from the fifth house in 2009, and you are bound to have an uplifting, transforming year. You could take up some form of physical program that completely changes the way you feel about yourself. The things that give you joy and positive feedback figure prominently this year, and you feel renewed and regenerated. You also feel particularly strong and personally powerful. There is no such thing as playing the victim this year--you're the victor and you feel it. You enjoy an increased ability to concentrate and focus on what really matters to you. Living authentically is what this year is all about.

January's Solar Eclipse falls in your solar sixth house. In the first half of 2009, issues of work and service, as well as health (both mental/spiritual, and physical), come into focus. You are called upon to deal with the the details and practicalities of everyday life, to become more organized, and to take charge of your routines. It's time to formulate some clear goals and plans. Circumstances are such that you need to develop some healthy habits, routines, and schedules. Believing in a grand plan is fine, but practical concerns need to be dealt with as well. Recognizing your personal limitations in terms of just how much you can give to others and just how much compassion and understanding you can show is essential now. It's time to structure your life. February's Lunar Eclipse falls in your solar twelfth house, and you may recognize an overwhelming need for rest and spiritual renewal. You've been busy with all sorts of everyday activities, deeply involved in your work and routines. It's time to balance your life with some down time--otherwise, you simply don't feel whole.

July's Solar and Lunar Eclipses fall in your eleventh and fifth houses respectively. In the second half of the year, you will be learning about letting go of your attachment to the drama of romance and personal relationships, as well as your willfulness. You are called upon to learn about the value of the team. You may need to give freedom to your romantic partner instead of expecting him or her to follow a script of your own making. You learn the value of brotherly love and the benefits of a sense of belonging to a community. Events are such that you move towards a more objective approach to your life and you cultivate true friendships. A romantic affair may be tested. If love is true, there's nothing to fear. The demands of your larger goals in life may have been eclipsing your pleasure-seeking activities. Also possible, your children may be going through their own changes and "stages", and need more attention now.

The August Lunar Eclipse falls in your solar sixth house, and there could be changes necessary in your job or health routines. You can use this surge of emotional energy to make positive changes to your routines. Do something to improve your work conditions if they are annoying you. Get going on your exercise or nutrition program that you know you have to do in order to feel more balanced.

Your strongest financial periods in 2009 occur from September 22-October 3 and October 14-23. However, the first period is better for review of financial matters and budgeting than for making purchases.

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