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Allah and Me and a few other things...


Ive got lots of work to do, actually study. But am in a mood to write, so I think I will write. In fact, this will be a copy of the words that I told to two people today, one – my mummy, second-a gal whom I wud nt name.
Well, the thing is that life is tough. For most of us, im sure. Lekin the smart ones are those who realize that they are being made to face difficulties coz they have ‘it’ in them to face difficulties.
While I don’t know wat an agnostic’s approach wud be to the same thing, more so of an atheist. But I think that a believer, any believer, knows better.
Allah Paak says in the Qur’an Paak that we are only given the problems that we have strength to bear.
Here is the verse in English:
“On no soul Allah places a burden greater than it can bear. It gets every good that it earns and it suffers every ill that it earns. (Pray) ‘Our Lord! Do not condemn us if we forget or fall into error; our Lord! Do not lay on us a burden like that which you laid on those before us; our Lord! Do not lay on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. Blot out our sins and grant us forgiveness. Have mercy on us. You are our Protector, help us against those who stand against faith.’”
The Holy Qur’an 2:286

This is one of my most favourite verses in the Qur’an…. This was also the one of the first things I wrote and pasted in my room wen I joined college….
It’s pasted on the wall in front of me, rite now… as im typing this…. There are two Verses here..
One being the one I already wrote – verse 286 from Al-Baqarah and another from Al-Imran Verse 125.
These are two of the most special verses for me.
So I was saying ki, Allah doesn’t give us a difficulty that we don’t have the strength to bear. So, if there’s a problem in our life, we shud realize ki yaar! I’m being made to go thru this coz I CAN go thru it.. and those people laughing around… probably, they are weaker.. and prolly they wud break if faced wid such a dificlty.. and that is exactly why God isn’t giving them the problem that He is giving you.

You know wen God created Adam (A.S), he made lots and lots of parindas (winged creatures) emerge from Adam’s back- these were the souls of all the people who were to live in this world, including me, abbu, mummy, my great grand child (if there’d be one), my great grand father..; then Allah divided these parindas into two groups, one to the right and one to the left. The ones on the right were to go to Heaven and the ones on the left, to Hell.
Wat I mean to say is ki everything is pre-determined. Everything. Nothing is gonna change. Allah has written it all for us and so He knows. He has made us all and we all have a part in this grand story that God has written. Our part can be done only by us. Wat’s coming my way in this life is coming only coz I was meant to do it. it’s my destiny.
And if there’s something harsh happening to me, it’s coz it had to happen to me, coz wen God made me, He mixed in that extra strength that was needed to face this difficulty. He didn’t add that little extra strength in you, prolly and so you wont be able to bear it if ever faced with it.. and that’s precisely why you aren’t facing it … coz’ “On no soul Allah places a burden greater than it can bear”………..

And remember, each little thing that is happening to you, is teaching you something.. only if you care to learn…. And each little incident in ur life is mouldin you, only if you keep urself labile. So, wats happening today is a lesson that u r learning that’s gonna make u whole.. make u according to that which God has planned to make you, whatever it is.
And am very sorry if you don’t believe in God!

Wen Allah takes away someone from ur life, there are a few things u need to remember:
1. the work of this person in ur life is over.- Shilpa had this poster in her room, which had this beautiful poem.. I don’t remember a single line of it abhi, lekin one of the lines had something to do bout not regretting over the people who go away coz every person in our life has a part to play (just like all of us have a part to play in the drama of life) and after their parts are over, they go.. coz they are no longer needed. So, now if u have someone, it’s coz’ that person’s role in ur life is remaining…. Wen it’s over… wen he/she has to be taken over by someone else….this person will go.
2. You are being made self-dependent. We tend to live life dependant on people… be it our mummy, our friends, our colleagues. Wen God takes away someone, He’s trying to set you free from ‘dependance’ in that part of ur life. While it can be very difficult to deal with, remember- ‘the strongest of irons is that which goes thru the hottest of fires.’…………………………………….. wen u have a work that you will have to do alone, you can either do it alone, or not do it and take the rap. Well… beter do it alone, however bad, however good. You did something atleast.. and hey! You did it all on ur own!
3. There are only two ……….ONLY TWO …….people who’ll remain wid you.- First - Your Creator and second - You.

Now. I somehow, got talking bout all these things to this gal (whose name I wont tell) and told her ki wen God is giving u a pain, remember that He’s also given u the strength to bear it and prolly others are nly ‘fools’ who wont be able to go thru it.
Her reply was ‘wudn it be better to be called a fool than suffer so much’.

Well… my dear.. I didn’t mean that u r being CALLED a fool by people, I meant that God has made u a fool… and to be put in better words, I meant that God has made u lesser in strength than someone else in the department of ‘facing difficulties’…. God has made you weak from the inside… if u get wat I mean…
And if you are happy being THAT… I can only lament upon the mentality u have. I told her the same and well….. she’s a Christian herself, so obviously she understands wat I meant. Tho she told ki haan she knows it’s a bad attitude but she doesn’t like being hurt.

Trust me dear, very few people in the world wud stand up and tell ki they like being hurt.
I can only thank God for not making me you.
I do pray to God to make my life easier, but that doesn’t mean ki it’better to be a coward than being courageous. It’s always better to be courageous. And so I pray ki God make my life easier and whatever it is that u want me to go thru, be wid me thru it.. take me thru it, help me thru it.

The same gal also told me something bout a rosary that irritated me like hell. Well, so this gal was given a rosary by another gal who is super religious… now, this gal later told me ki rosaries can guide you to the right path… especially if they are rosaries that are directly blessed by the priest… so, well this gal was given a rosary by the super-gal and since that day, there were huge problems in this gal’s life… in her love life, to be precise. And one day suddenly it struck her that haaaaannn it’s happening coz of the rosary, since she’s having a love affair (which is not allowed in Christianity as also in Islam), the rosary is destroyin the love affair to guide her to the right path.
She gave away the rosary to another girl.
She told me ki she knows it very well that she is doing wrong as a Christian but she doesn’t hurt anyone, so she doesn’t want to be hurt.

I think there couldn be a person who’s a bigger crackpot than a person who rejects the Guidance that comes his way.
While I don’t know if this belief bout the rosary is a general Christian belief or not or it’s something that this girl personally believes in, all I can say is that if I believed something to be a Blessing from God…I wudn InshaAllah ever shun it away, and I pray to Allah that I never behave in the way this girl Is behaving.
For all I know is that if I eat something after reading “In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful”, and then I get food poisoning……. There cudn be anything better than food poisoning to happen to me at that time and that place.

I saw something….. at night.. and then I saw it disappear…
I SAW something for the first time (besides that hand), I generally feel…
Newaz, it’s Ramzaan, and Shaitan is locked away somewhere, so I think it must be something good. Don’t know.

Yaha pe koi kisi ka dost nahi hai.

Im starting fasting from tomorrow, inshaAllah.. so Ramzaan Mubarak to me :) :) :)
A certain blogger has a written a post where she says how she ‘hates’ Ramzaan.
Well…. I love Ramzaan. It’s tough. But, I believe it’s the biggest festival of Muslims. Yes, it’s not a festival. Yet, I say it’s the biggest festival for Muslims coz well… think of it… this is the most Happening month in the Year…there’s such a lot of ummmm well, I can say ‘Movement’.... all doors to Hell are closed…. The Satan is locked up….. ask for forgiveness and you get it… the doors of Mercy are wide open…. This is the month the Qur’an came down to us…. Yes, you do feel thirsty… and a bit hungry and towards the end of the day you feel sooo weak… but don’t you feel the same wen u got up late after watching a movie late into the nite… missed breakfast.. ran to clinics.. the discussion started late.. so, obviously got over late.. and then u came to know that there’s a theory class in the hospital..(which is half an hour away), so u skip lunch as well.. reach the class.. the class gets over at 4, by the time you reach bak its 4.30. and then u either have food.. or u have ur bath, do the cleaning things and then have food .. that makes it 5.30… Iftaar is at 6.45 here.. so u r not more than 2 and half hours away from food newaz….
Big deal.. huh!!!
Wat I mean is u do feel exactly the same amount of weakness (or maybe more) for things which aren’t even fetching you graces from the Lord! Why not do it for some returns…
Especially, wen we paavam Muslims hardly have anything else to ‘celebrate’!!!

And finally I’ll just say a part of a very long story… ummmm.. actually I’ll only tell the moral of the story.
It’s actually bout the life of a Prophet.
Yaqoub A.S. (Jacob) and Yousuf A.S. (Joseph) are both Prophets of Islam (Judaeo-Christio-Islamic prophets).
Yaqoub had grown old and cudn see well with his eyes.. in fact.. I think he was totally blind.. not really sure.. and he had this super beautiful son, Yousuf. Yousuf’s brothers hated him and were jealous of him and so one day they plan to get rid of him.. they go to their father and tell him ki they;d be taking Yousuf out with them to the jungle for hunting. Jacob says to his eldest son, “TAKE CARE OF JOSEPH, I ENTRUST HIM UPON YOU”
So yeh brothers take Joseph to the jungle and leave him inside a deep well (story cut short) and eutrn to their father and tell ki Yousuf was eaten by a wild animal.
Now, Yousuf was saved by a caravan of people passing by and went thru really tuf (and I mean REEEEAAALLLYYY TTTUUUFFF) times but he eventually rose to become a King of another Kingdom (story drastically cut short) and it so happened that finally Jacob (who was also a King) meets this lost son of his after many many years..a dn they are all happily reunited… and then Jacob complains to Allah ki why did you do this to my son and me? Why did you separate us??? Then he is visited by Jibraeel A.S. (Gabriel, an arch angel.. the messenger of Allah, thru whom Allah spoke to the Prophets) and he says ki Allah says ki ‘all this wudn have happened to Yousuf had you entrusted Yousuf upon Me and not his brother.’
‘U placed ur trust on him, u got wat his trust cud give you.’

Moral of the story- Hand urself over to God.
So, it’s very important to say ki Allah hum khud ko aap par saunpte hai.. ya whatever it is that you want Allah to take care of. Coz’ He alone Protects.
Allah Tavakkal

P.S.1- I killed that lizard.
P.S.2- got idli and cutlet and uzhunuvada and dahi for sehri.
P.S. 3- the pic is of two magnets on my cupboard… this pic is also the wallpaper in my mobile.

Ok am going
Allah hafiz

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