Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Am at Home :)

Ummm. Well.. writing after a really really long time..
There’s such a lot to tell that I don’t think I will be able to complete in such little time.
Hmmm. Khair starting from somewhere (don know where), lemme say…
Am at home,.. twas a sudden decision.
Actually I was bout to go home during Eid. I was to lose 4 days in my Medicine posting and the first week of Surgery… kyuki newaz.. first week mein to we don’t study much na… and upar se we r bout to have our Hospital Shifting (from the old hospital to the new one at Neerkunnam) inshaAlah bout that time. So things mite (MITE) be kind of busy.. and is ‘busy’ness mein there’ll be confusion and is confusion me I will cut the classes and go home. Lekin … as kismet always does to me… chain se to ghar jaana ho hi nahi sakta hai.. kuchh na kuchh drama is a must and my tickets are rescheduled at least once…. To isiliye …it happened this time also…
Our seniors were bout to have their exams but Legha ma’am had told us ki ‘out of bounds’ nahi hoga.
Now, wat is “Out Of Bounds”… actually, wen any ‘year’ has exams in any ‘department’ the other ‘years’ aren’t allowed in those departments.. samjhe? So since final year was to have their pracs.. no other students will be allowed in the department… other students wont have their ward postings.. this is done coz we can ‘leak’ the cases and their findings to the exam going batch. Isliye, we rnt allowed into the wards.. this is called “Out Of Bounds”.
So.. well.. we were told that we wont be given “OOB” since we had already lost a week of posting coz of our fourth year pracs. Lekin later twas decided that there wud be “OOB”. In fact, twas decided that we wud be given a week extension in our current posting to make up for the loss in “OOB”.. now, this is kind of good..lekin thinking from the ‘home-coming’ point of view.. twas trashy… too trashy in fact… kyuki now I was missing roun-bout 12 days in Medicine…. And that is something that I just cant do. For many reasons-
1. its final year… I didn’t study anything the past years so I need to study now.
2. I don’t have attendance in my pst year postings
3. I cant risk a bad impression.

So, well. After all the rona dhona and cheekha chilli I decided to cut my classes on 14th and 17th and come home during the “OOB” .. so, well.. am here…
At home. Got my return tickets booked for the 16th. inshaAllah.

And rite now am feeling too screwed… im in those ‘i-hate-the-world-truly-madly-deeply’ moods.
Am seriously angry. Angry at the world. Will write this as a new psot. Don know why.

Allah hafiz

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