Sunday, 23 August 2009

Be a bit more thankful honey!

There are so many people in the world who are in a situation worse than us, and this is something jo hum sabhi ko pata hai. Still, look at how we behave! Aren’t we total suckers?
In my hostel, there’s a mess girl (a girl who works in the mess) named Anu. She’s from Alleppey itself but prolly there are some financial probs at her home.. I don know.. newaz..
Prolly there are some problems, and that’s why she’s been sent to our hostel and she works the whole day.. there’s another girl Achu but she’s from some other place.
These two girls are younger to me….. they work the whole day…….
The WHOLE day…. They bring those big bartans full of food to the mess, while we just go, sit and eat….
I wonder if they ever feel bad..
Ek taraf there are teenage girls working so much and ek taraf there’s me.. who doesn’t even know how to hold a knife.
And then ……. In spite of all this I complain………
Aint I such a big crap?
Mummy bolti hai, “humesha apne se upar mat dekho. Apne se neeche bhi dekho”
If we look at people below us, we’ll feel ki Allah Paak has given us so much to be thankful for. So much so much so much.
Wen I look at Anu, that’s exactly how I feel.
She is a gal who’s always happy… always cheerful….
Wen I look at her laughing, just wen I have disconnected the call after talking to mummy bout how bad and sad my life is in kerala…….. I feel ki…. Yaar!!!!!! There cudn be someone more ungrateful than me.
But then I see other people, .. girls around me…. Who are even bigger fools than me and I realize ki chalo.. at least there are people more ungrateful than me…

But baat is not ki who is more ungr8ful.. baat is ki how… there is such a huge need for gratitude for God among us.
We all… all of us I mean… we lack gratitude so much.
Allah Paak has given us so much.
Each one of us …. Sabko alag alag cheese, of course.. lekin fir bhi…
Unka socho who have next to nothing in this world.
Aur fir unka socho who have na to anything in this world and jinko us duniya mein bhi kuchh nahi milna hai.
Aren’t we lucky???????
No .. I don’t think im trying to find happiness kisi aur ke gham mein….
Im trying to find happiness yeh sochkar ki there cud me so many more gham that Allah cud have given me but didn’t… and that is a reason to celebrate in itself.
I don’t think im makin any sense.
Allah hafiz


jg said...

u have a nice heart be joyful and give thanks to god.just remember ur a unique creation of god and god cant create another almas thats the beauty of gods creation

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

:) yupps!!! im in a very 'gratefu' mood today too :)


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