Thursday, 20 August 2009

Dearest Almas

Dearest Almas
Look darling, there’s no point being so negative and having a ‘the-world-is-out-to-kill-me’ attitude. Negativity is the last thing you need rite now. Have faith in Allah and know that whatever He is doing is doing for the best. You, of all people in this big world, should be knowing it very well. How many times has God shown it? haven’t you fallen flat on ur face the previous time wen u fought with God so badly? Isliye, unpe shaq mat karo.
And let things go as they are going. Its ok to be tensed, but learn to get the shit out of ur mind on time. Ab dekho, us ek daant we wajah se wat did u do? U spent the whole of yesterday and today on two topics, which u still haven’t completed. This Is not the way u can be at such a crucial time. Stop worrying so much. Dekho, jo hona hoga, who to hoga hi. Lekin nahi marke kyu bhoot banna? Jab marenge, tab dekhenge… bhoot banna ya nahi…. Filhal you are alive… Alhamdulillah.
Wats gone cannot be brought back, lekin jo hai usko mat kho crying over jo kho diya.
And remember, there are only two people who can help you- ur Maalik and yourself. Wat u do is inconsequential.. coz u are doing only wat u hav been destined to do, lekin dats the way the world runs… we have to keep doing. So, do to the best of ur ability. And wait, uske baad let Him decide wat to do. And remember ki jo hoga who best hoga.
Haan, lots of bad things are happening. You deserve better. Lekin khair, kuchh kar nahi sakte na.
Aur peechhe dekh ke kya milna hai..?????? abhi, filhaal aage dekho… inshaAllah, jab yeh waqt tal jaaega tab fursat se peechhe dekhenge milke. Abhi let’s see aage.
Mere ko malum hai ki tumko kuchh samajh mein nahi aa raha hai, lekin think of something.. some way.. if it doesn’t work out, we’ll change ways… it’s ok to change ways… it’s ok.. always…
Agar anything goes futile.. let it go… kya fark padta hai?
You are a Muslim my dear… u shudn be so screwed…. Maut pe bhi “Inna Lillah” padhte hai.. to ye sab to chhote mote cheez hai….
Learn to let things go….
Give ur best……… u’ll get the best…….. if not now, then.. if not this way, that way…..
If not here, there………
Wat goes around… comes around…
And remember never lose hope….. y dyu feel ki this will give u happiness????? Ho sakta hai this will not…. maybe something totally different will… and all this is chumma time pass.. ho sakta hai na????
To isliye itna mat ghabrao.. newaz… tumhaare sath Allah Paak kabhi bura nahi karenge.
To abhi jo hai .. make the best of it.. this is what God wants you to do now… just go on doing it…
He will give you whatever He wants to give.
And He will give it whenever He wants to give it and in the way He wants to give it.
Filhaal… apna karam karo…. Aaga sab achha hoga, inshaAllah…
Whatever be the outcome, it will be the best for you…..
Remember ki hum aage ka nahii dekh sakte…. Allah can....
Tumko lagega ki yeh galat ho raha hai.. lekin shayad isse behter kuchh aur na ho tumhare zindagi mein.
Allah Tavakkal………..

Love you like no one else can

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