Friday, 14 August 2009

"If God Was A Banker" by Ravi Subramanian

“If God Was A Banker” by Ravi Subramanian ………….. gr8 read…….. bout bankers.. and how they screw each other to reach the top of the business….
And how honesty is definitely the best policy.
Nothing much to say coz time nahi hai.

Unlike the previous book I read, isme there’s nothing much to quote….
Though Butterfly was quite a meaningless buk, it was hell witty.. isme ther’s nothing much but khair…

“’Even god needs to be spoken to, else He’ll forget that you exist,’ his mom had once told him wen she caught him running away from a pooja at a family function.”

“What does she think? We all are suckers, who have been cocooned in our own country? Bloody descendants of Christopher Columbus who set out in boats fitted with ancient fishing nets, to fish and eat when food runs out? Got marooned in America, when they set out to find India!’ thought Akshay, but he didn’t say that. ‘Of course. We have had the privilege of visiting the US a few times. It’s indeed a wonderful country.’ Now he was truly behaving like a sucker.”

the book's site If God Was A Banker

Allah hafiz

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