Thursday, 20 August 2009

it's all so yuck !

I am feeling so scared, so low. Don’t know wat to do.
Sometimes it feels so bad to be the last person in anyone’s list.
Imagine there are a group of people standing and u go and talk to someone… u are talking and usi beech someone else interferes and asks a question to the person u were talking to, this person … whoever it be…. Replies to that person pehle…and agar the conversation goes on long…. This person even forgets ki he/she was actually talking to you.
Ek baar nahi .. baar baar.
Ya, i dont speak Malayalam.
Tum logon ko Allah Paak ne Malayalam sikhaya hai par tameez ka zarra bhi nahi diya.
I am feeling so suffocated, I cant tell that in words.
Plus I have changed my mind bout my career..
There’s just no point.
I have no idea wat will happen tomorrow.
Time seems to have got mad it me. Nothing is going right, or at least.. that’s how it luks.
Whatever I try to do, I go wrong…. Dead wrong.
Even wen im doin something sachi koshish karke.
These things really disappoint you. Really.
Allah hafiz.

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