Saturday, 15 August 2009

it's over...

InshaAllah am returning tomorrow, and as expected am feeling low. It’s goin to be the same old life. The worst is that I don’t study. Each time I come home I think ki is baar wen I return, I shal inshaAllah study well. But, it never happens. Im kind of desp today.. I don know anything at all.. nothing.. zero. Plus, I haven’t even done my homework… we had to submit 3 cases on 14th… since I was absent on that day, I’ll have to submit it on the day I return, i.e., 17th… thank God it’s a Monday, our O.P. day and so I wont have to take a case…. It’s my turn actually, so, I can take my time and inshaAllah come bak and take the case in the evening b4 presenting it on the 18th, inshaAllah.
Am feeling so so so low.
I don know if I shud be moving to the L.H. or not, I don know if combined study will be good. Well, I mean I know it will be good, inshaAllah but the problem is that I don if I’ll be able to adjust in that hostel or not. The rooms are 4 –seaters. And I wont be getting the single room in the near future. Besides, even the single room is smaller than my present room. And the in-time is 7pm. And I am not planning to vacate my St. Joseph’s ka room. So all in all it’ll get really expensive for me.
I cud take the L.H. room and take another room at aunty’s place, but the problem is that they bug me a lot.. they keep telling me to stay at their place instead of the hostel. Ab that is something I just don want.
Im so bloody pissed off today.
Im also totally mad at this world.
My problem is that at such times I start reading ‘inspirational’ things. I am such a loser. I shud rather get myself working. Rather than wasting my time trying to buoy myself up. It’s so so so stupid.
But, well… every person has his limitations, nai?
Aaj suna na Shah Rukh ke sath un Americans ne kya kara?????? I didn’t know that they had done the same thing to Kalaam Saab too. Ab agar those assholes cannot give respect to the ex-President of a country, how can u expect those crapsters to treat a film star with respect?
Lolz……….. some people find it so difficult to understand wen we say ki terrorism ke biggest victims are Muslims……… I wonder whether the fuckers ‘skip’ watch television…
Newaz….mere ko filhaal aur bohot cheez hai mood kharab karne ke liye….

……. I took a few old dupattas and cut them to make maftas…. And also took two saree ke blouse pieces.. I have tried another way of tying the mafta.. smaller ones I mean jinke ek side me border hota hai. Let’s see if it falls out wen I wear it..
I once wore a stole round my head… I was on a 2 hr journey to a friend’s house, and by the time I reached the house… my hair , my undercap and the stole were all in different places… khair.. let’s see.

Im so angry……… I feel like kicking the air out of everyone. EVERYONE.
Allah hafiz

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