Sunday, 16 August 2009


I have realized a few things.
1. I used to tell people that a 'crush' goin on for a long time is called 'love'. And that there is a very thin barrier between the two. I have realized that i was wrong. While i still cant tell how love happens, whether its really an outcome of a 'crush' (as in my case) or something else. . . What i can say is that there is not a thin but an extra thick, strong and wide barrier between the two.

2. A lot of blah blah has been said bout love, its beautiful, its blind, its forgiving. Well. . . All the blah blah is true.

3. You should never tell that the person you are in love with, should change for you. Coz well. . It never happens. Let him do it himself. That is in the best interest .

4. You need to 'express' love. You just need to. They say that the greatest of loves is the love that shows its vulnerability. They couldn be more right.

5. If the person whom you have loved like . . . CRAZY. . . hurts you. . . Teach him a lesson.

Allah hafiz


Shy said...

"if the person whom u loved like crazy hurts u.....

this is sumthin reaLLY really jhakas.

Vibhore Gupta said...

khatra post hai...
bla bla bla :D :D ;D
puri jalpari marka...
:) :)

priyanka said...

teach him a lesson
but how??
do u have any plan!!

oracle_22 said...

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oracle_22 said...

when i was in calcuta(kolkata)

WhiteOrchid said...

oh i love no.5 . Good luck with that!

Btw, I've tagged you in my latest post :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

blluubb yyoouu:)

@ vibhore
:D hehehe:D

@ white orchid
heyyy.. thanks.. ya i saw it..
will inshaAllah do it soon..
thank u so much :)

oracle_22 said...



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