Thursday, 13 August 2009

Miss Weird

There cudn be a person lazier than me… I am seriously one hell of a confused and indecisive person… ab dekho I had decided that I’d be buying some “things” and some other “things” from port blair… and just now wen mummy told me to dress up to go out, I thot ki kya yaar… I don’t even know exactly what to buy… better wait til I go to some mall … and then buy these “things” from there…. Waise hi.. bout the other things too.. I thot ki newaz.. there wont be much ‘variety’ here… so no point in buying things form here wen I can get better and proly cheaper things in Alleppey. Im such an idiot. Pehle I told ki I buy some chappals from here. Then I thot ki I can buy from there too.. so y buy from home.. fir I thot ki I’ll buy bangles.. then I thot ki newaz I get up late and don’t get time to wear jewellery in the mornings…. So y buy>>>>>>>>>>>
Fir I thot ki earrings khareedenge.. fir same thing… Im wearing the mafta .. y to spend on earrings…
Abhi I just got some old dupattas (I am crazy bout dupattas.. I don’t let mummy give away dupattas from my old salwar kameezes) and told mummy ki I will cut them to make mafthas out of them… and within minutes im feeling that nahi yaar I shudn be spending my “Precious” time making mafthas coz I feel so uncomfortable wearing any ‘coloured’ things on my head…. The only colour I wear is black…. I wear a coloured headscarf only once or twice in a month… and u wont believe I feel so terribly conscious us waqt ki kya bataye!! Isliye… be a gud gal and wear the black scarf…. Don’t waste time doing all the jhamelas..
:( :( :( :( :(

Then mummy started shouting ki haan apne dost ke sath bhi aise hi karti hogi…
Im aisi hi… kya kare!!!!!!!!!!!!

U wont believe ki I’m happy ki all my frnds hav returned to the mainland.. (everyone was here a few days back).. wen I was there.. I wanted to meet all of them.. ab that I am here I don’t want to meet the few people here.. in fact I am thankful ki I don’t have to meet anyone…
I am missing Naaz ka wedding.. wen I was there I was kind of uhhhmmm uhhhmmm bout going for the wedding.. I mean.. I wanted to go,, but I was mmmmmmmmmmm kind of bored…. Pata naheenn. Now that I am missing the wedding (inshaAllah wil reach Chennai and then Cochin and then Alleppey on 16th , the wedin is in Trivandrum on the same day) I feel ki thaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkk Goooooodddddddddd!!!!!!

You know I am weird………….


Chalo chalo ji luck lachkalo
Chalo chalo ji mauj manaalo
Chalo chalo ji nach lo gaa lo
Pakad kisi ki wrist
And we twist
We twist
We twist
We twist
And we twist
We twist
We twist
We twist

:) :) :) :) :)

Allah hafiz

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