Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Most Beautiful Heart...

I use my heart a lot.

You know there’s a story that ek baar a king sent his wisest minister to find out the person with the most beautiful heart. The minister went to the market and shouted out ki bhaiya whoever has the most beautiful heart, plz show it to me. The King has asked me to bring that man to his palace and he will be handsomely rewarded by the King. Many men started holding their hearts up high and shouting ki dekho my heart is the most beautiful.. my heart is the most beautiful…. The minister saw all the hearts but was very disappointed coz he couldn’t find a single heart that was beautiful. Just then an old man came and took out his heart and showed it to the people and said.. here look at my heart…. I don’t know bout you all but I personally know it well that my heart is the most beautiful among all the hearts here…. All the men in the market turned to look at this heart, and one sight upon it and they burst out laughing… here was an old heart tattered and torn…. Not only did it have innumerable cracks, but also patches that seemed to be attached from outside to fill up some gaps.. there were other gaps as well… gaps that were left empty. All in all, it was the ugliest heart the men gathered in the market had ever seen.
Wen the wise minister saw the old man’s heart….. he knew that all the effort didn’t go a waste and finally the King would be able to see the heart that was the most beautiful… he made his way to the old man, through the jeering crowd… and wen he reached the man.. the minister hugged the old man and kissed the back of his hand, as was the custom in that kingdom, to show his respect. And then he declared, “indeed!!! here is the most beautiful heart in the Kingdom!!”..
The others were totally astounded… they culdn believe that this little shitty heart cud be considered the most beautiful… they thought that the minister had lost his mind and they didn’t refrain from telling it aloud either….
Wen the minister saw that he was surrounded by so many fools who were still not able to see the beauty in that heart…. He told…

“My dear People…. I can understand very well the reason behind ur confusion.. of course, you are awaiting an answer for my choice…and I will surely tell u the reason y I believe that this old man’s heart is the most beautiful….
Look at it… said the minister, holding the heart in his hands…
Look at all the places in which the heart has cracked….these cracks are witness to the times this man had loved and lost… the times he had trusted and was cheated.. the times he had made a mistake and wasn’t forgiven… these are a proof that the man had LIVED… and not just lived..he had also LOVED…
Look here.. these pieces of heart that don’t look like they belong to this heart….these are the pieces that some others had given him.. it shows that he had relationships.. he gave a part of his heart to others and they in return gave him a part of their hearts….it shows.. LOVE…. Given and received….
And look here these empty holes in the heart…. These are the part of his heart that he gave to others but which weren’t replaced by anyone’s heart… these are the times he loved but wasn’t loved back. And yet, the many number of vacant places are a proof that he didn’t stop loving coz someone in his life hadn’t reciprocated.. he went on loving…

And this Love is wat makes this Heart beautiful..
You al might be having hearts all clean and sparkling… but remember…. The beauty of ur heart lies in how u loved….
Ur heart doesn’t become beautiful by keeping it to urself…
The beauty of ur heart lies in how much it’s shared.. how much it is bruised.. and how it goes on spreading the wonder called love in spite of the bruises it gets…

There was a silence in the crowd.. people were ashamed of having laughed at the old man… but now they knew… the secret of the heart… and the secret of life…
They went back home as men with a little more knowledge.

Allah hafiz


Harshad mehta said...

Just beautiful. Secret of life.

Will sure visit this place often for a treat like this.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

yes indeed :) i too had loved this story. It was told to me by my mummy. . . :)

please do visit. . I have a lot of mummy's stories to be told :p


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