Thursday, 20 August 2009

On Expectations .. Memories.. and Pain

Why is it that people don’t want me to expect???? I never tell people not to expect anything from me.
Either they are strange or I am.. in any case, the one who gets hurt in the deal is me.
Whenever mummy says ki after your marriage you too will not have time… when you start working you too will not talk to us.. blah blah.. I always tell her ki aise mat bolo.. always tell good things…. inshaAllah I will always be there for you.
I personally know ki things mite go wrong lekin…. Y shud we think bout something bad… and esp wen saamne waala is feeling bad, isn’t it imperative for me to lift that person up. And to tell ki no.. don’t worry. You can count on me.
When someone shows me ki these have been ur mistakes… I have always tried to correct them… always tried not to repeat the same things again, so that people who matter to me aren’t hurt. Why don’t people behave in the same way towards me?
Why is it so easy for them to say ki Almas I am sorry… I was wrong… and so we better be away ….
Meaning ki .. tell me whatever.. I wont change.. yes I was wrong .. yes I hurt you… but wel.., I am planning to remain the same… so, either prepare to be hurt again or don’t be wid me.
It is so easy for people to tell ki dekho bhaiya bas itna… isse zyada nahi.
I swear upon my Lord, I will forget you one day.
People tell me to look at the bad in you, and stop counting the qualities in you.
I don’t know if I can do that. But I promise, I will forget you.
I wont remember anything.
i will keep closing chapters behind me.
I will never hate u. coz I cant… but one day I will stop feeling for you.
Thanks for all the way in which you have hurt me, coz’ this makes life complete.
But you know wat…. One day I will get over you. I wont remember any expectations.
I know, expectations are the worst thing.
The only thing I expect is in relationships. And no I am not wrong.
I cant live without expecting people to love me coz i think that’s wat people wud and shud do wid me.
But those of my expectations that I had from you will be forgotten.
I will forget all this.
You tell of being friends… yes, that;s wat u had told so many times.
I was a fool I never understood.
I will forget everything.
Woh bolte hai na.. har takleef ke baad raahat hai.
Mere ko bhi raahat mil jaaega. InshaAllah.
Ek din all my pains will disappear, inshaAllah.

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