Sunday, 27 September 2009

Chip of the Old Blockhead by Rupa Gulab

Just wanted to finish off with posts bout the buks I’ve read…
Had read Rupa Gulab’s “Chip of the Old Blockhead”. Nice book.
Good humour… really good humour….
And thee were some badhiya punchlines… I forgot to mark them… toh if I want to write them down here… will have to read the book again… dhanyawaad! Im not doin that…
Toh newaz.. it’s a reeeaallyy nice buk… [:)]

P.S.- lolz… see I gave those square bracks….

Allah hafiz


Rayees said...

Asak Almas,
It's fine if you call it OCD. Same is the case w/ me too. The "taharat" or purity of physical thing is the primary condition for offering prayers. I admire that you take so much care to remain pure at the cost of wetting your ankle area while at the college too (at home you need not to as you have a wardrobe) and not bothering about people's crazy thoughts ( like they may think that you belong to the medieval or may be times of Dark age).

Strangely enough, there are not-so-concerned people are out there.

Today, I see many young girls/guys have no respect for religion, leave alone their purity. At my office, some girls think it's ok to pray in minimal clothing. I mean to say, they think that it's ok to put a scarf to cover their heads (It's a different thing that they never wear loose garments).

When it comes to we guys, we hardly care about the physical purity. Most of the times, many guys, sheepishly admit that they are not pure and some use it as a tool to avoid prayer calls. Today, the guys are wearing clothes but when you take a closer look it looks like they are just beef cakes. Those who cover their "physique" failed to live up to its standard. Many fail to understand that the readymade garments are either not fit for wearing for "namaz" or may hinder in keeping yourself pure (everyone knows that the guys ease themselves in the standing-position loos pretexting that it causes great inconvenience if they do it like prophet Mohammed (pbuh)in a sitting posture and hiding their private parts in the garb of thighs and stooping their backs forward. They don't mind wearing "Fcuk" and several offensive slogans and images of living beings printed on the casual wears.

Thanks to the ever-flowing jeans(or sweeping and cleaning dirt and filth from road surfaces), muslim brothers never bother to pay an attention to the bottoms of their pants catching everything it come into contact in the loos and public urinals. And they simply do the ablution, thinking that it's purified them, and offer namaz.

Hope better sense prevails

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Wassalam Rayees.. have posted the reply under the next post.. twas more relevant there;)


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