Thursday, 24 September 2009

Dearest Strangers

A recent update in my Orkut profile.. am gonna remove it soon, though...
Storing it here for future use :D :D :D

I don’t mind accepting requests from strangers, but, atleast have the basic Orkut Manners of introducing yourself before asking me who ‘I’ am….
If you know me, and I don’t know you… go ahead add me.. and tell me who you are. I wil be most glad to get a new friend.
If you DON’T know me, and I too don’t know you… and if you add me… and if I accept your request….dont you dare me ask me something like ‘Who are you?’ ‘Wats ur name?’ or even ‘Do I know you?’ .. for the fuck of it, YOU added me.. I didn’t add you…. So, please show the decency of first introducing yourself.. as in ‘I am falana falana, from falana falana….’ And only then and only then tel ‘may I know you better?’

I accept requests from strangers only in three cases:
1. you add a personal message…..teling me whu u r + I like ur profile. If I don’t like ur profile, I wont add you…. And even if I like ur profile, but u haven’t added a personal message, ur request will never be accepted.
2. I know u from some community.
3. we have common friends.

In case of 3, I assume that u r my junior from skul…. And SO I accept the request, and after that I expect u to tel me whu u r.. even if u r not from my skul, not a prob… but rather go fuck urself than telin me ‘sory I don know u, wats ur name?’
If u don’t know me…. DON’T ADD ME….
If you don’t know me, 99.99% I too don’t know you. Hum kya tumhari pichhle janam ki mashooka hai jo humko tum maloom hoge? Ha? Isliye mera sar mat khao.

I, myself, add so many people who mite not be knowing me… I always take care of teling them who I am, so that it doesn’t appear rude. And that is precisely how I expect ppl to behave.
Henceforth, such crap scraps will not be replied to.

PLUS, READ MY PROFILE before u add me…. Don’t ask questions to which answers are already written in the profile. Misaal ke taur pe, don’t ask me something as lame as ‘Are you from Carmel?’
I’ve already written that my skul is ‘Mount Carmel SSS’ dikhai nahi deta hai kya andhon????
Likewise, don’t ask me ‘where r u from?’ ‘wats ur name?’
Blah blah blah blah…

Aur haaaaan.
Almas is quite an uncommon name in my part of the world.…. u’d hardly meet more than one or two almas in ur life. Isliye if you have met an Almas, who CUD be me.. then chances are.. that it IS me… aur waise bhi in Andamans, im the first Almas… and in Carmel there have been only two Almas…. There was a senior ‘Alima’ not Almas….
Toh plz don’t ask me…’Are you the Almas who went with me to Bhardwaj Sir’s classes?’…
You can have a doubt in names like Preethi.. coz u’d find 100s of Preethis.. or Pooja.. coz u’d find 1000s of Poojas…. But don kid urself in saying something like, ‘Are u the same Almas?’
If there was an Almas, it was ME.

Waise bhi eid ke din im away from home, mera mood kharab hai.. aur mood kharab nahi karna mere ko.
Ab apna kaam kariye….

Allah hafiz

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