Sunday, 13 September 2009


Post Not For The Impatient Or The Busy

A few dreams to be noted down.
Haven’t done it in a long long time…
But am seeing so many vivid dreams nowa days (prolly coz of the altered sleep timings due to Ramzaan) that I really need to remember them.

1. a day or two back I saw that my unit M1 students are running bout here and there in the hospital… and we go upstairs and construction work is goin on there… don’t remember much of it now.. [Source: there’s Construction work on in our Hospital.. not in our block really. But the dream, somehow pulled it from the other block to our top floor…. Plus the running bout is coz we keep on going from the first floor (male M1 wardalong wid other wards), second floor (female M1 along wid other wards), third floor (for female M2 along wid other wards) and that day Aish and I were talkinbout goin to the top ward floor (‘top ward floor’ means it is not the top floor… but the last floor wid wards.. beyond that our dearest H.S.s live). So that’s precisely wat I saw in my dream]…I think we were lukin for some teacher and don know why while writing this down ‘surgery’ keeps poppin into my head.. prolly saw something related to that posting.. newaz.. [source: surgery may be coz that’s our nxt posting and the construction is to shift the Surgery department from the old hospital to the TDMC Complex]

2. Yesterday too I saw a very long dream, most of which I don’t remember now.. it had a mall and some element of Mr. I (very little) but I don remember anything of that part. I just remember that there was a tank sort of thing..mmm like an aquarium… which had glass on 3 sides of it but the fourth side, that is the side facing me was open…. Yet the water in the tank didn’t fall out. It remained standing like it wud as if there was a wall.. and I think there was no base too. Blah!
So, whatever… and then I remember that I am showing a doll called, “Mermaid Doll” to two people, a lady and a dark complexioned man, who are staring at it from one side of the tank…. And well.. bout the dolls… I had two in my hand and trust me they were ugly little dolls.

They were sooo small.. the size of my palm maybe and they were wearing simple cotton frocks, as if, there was summer season underwater… and the worst part (which I tuk as a grave insult, being a mermaid myself) was that they had LEGS… !!!!!! now why on Earth were they called ‘mermaids’, I don know… but they lukd like those silly gals who do nothing but play on the streets wearing loose tiny cotton frocks with equally untidy boys and then get shouted upon by all the people in the neighbourhood… so well, I was demonstrating the ‘whatever’ of this doll to those people… I showed them that she can move her hands (just like a normal Barbie doll.. we had to hold the hand and move it!!! :/ :/ :/ :/ oh wat an innovative feature!!!!) and then I dip her into the water…. Actually dip is a wrong word… but just listen wat I did.. I cud have simply put my hand inside the tank.. straight (since there was no glass only water, which was defying all laws of gravity and physics ) or maybe from the top (wen it wud be rite to use the word ‘dip’) but I tuk the trouble of taking my hand down below the column of water in the tank (the magical tank, as it appears to be) and then put the doll in thru the base of the column of water (I said, the ‘base of the water column’… not the base wall.. coz again there was no glass .. just the water) and then I ‘surface’ the doll from below the water to where the water level ends at the top… get me? Newaz…
And then suddenly, those people are replaced by my father (who replaces the lady) and my sister (who replaces that dark, expressionless man) and since my sister likes all things stupid, she’s awed by this doll.. I take the doll near the glas wall on her side and touch the dolls face to the wall and say ‘see, she can kiss too’… ya… I cud’ve well touched the doll’s feet to the wall and told ki see she can kick too.. and touch the hands to the wall and say ki see she can shake hands too…. BLAHHHH!!!
But the best part is that I lifted the dolls frock and there on her behind was a button (like used be to be there on all those tlakin dolls in the past) and switch it on….and we get this shrillllllllllll sound like ‘kooooooooooooooooooooooooo’ and then I put the doll inside the water (with that same silly hand movement) and the ‘koooooo’ static turns to an idiotic sound, like the ones of the ghosts and witches on The Zee Horror Show, desperately trying to scare the audience but failing terribly… and the doll is now telling

On and on and on…..
And guess who gets excited? Who else? The one and the only aapa… who is excited by the most idiotic things on Earth… she is suddenly sooo happy and is shaking her head and saying ‘wowwww’ in the way she usually says.. wen u tell her that there are some nice movies in the lappy or if machhli ka sar is kept ready for her dinner…..
Newaz… in all this drama … there’s one person who’s not showing any emotions…who? ME!!! So, even as my sister is getin hyper bout that strange thing the doll is uttering… I go on with my ‘presentation urf marketing urf advertisement urf publicity urf any other word u can think’ of the ‘Mermaid Doll’ and tell ki ‘see she can swim too’ ya! Of course, if you take any doll underwater and hold its limbs and move them…. That ‘any’ doll will also start swimming… if we can call it swimming, i.e… now my father who had been amazingly quiet till then suddenly remembers that he has to ‘criticise’ to maintain his longevity.. and so asks me (showing actions – moving his hands as wen people do wile swimming ) ki ‘aisa aisa haath hilati hai?’
And I say nai (as usual, widout any emotion) and then my aapa pipes in ‘lekin mazaa aa gaya’ you see she has been mesmerized by the

And it has caused a ‘sadma’ to her already ‘sadmaaised’ head and she isn’t able to come out of the ecstasy she experienced on hearing the strange words in the strange sound…
And then abbu , who has been scolded by each one of us (meaning aapa, mummy and me) that we shudn criticize ppl all the time.. and esp if aapa is around coz she is basically a mad female who will shout at him if he criticizes something that she likes (no, this part is not told by aapa… only mummy and me) , says ‘haan who jaisa bolti toh achha hi lagta hai’ … I vey typical aapa appeasing statement by abbu.
And that’s all for this part of the dream.. I don remember the other soon as I woke up I logged on to orkut to write HAIEE GOOO NANNICH CHAAAA (it was my status :/) so that I don’t forget wat the doll was telling (you see, she was a mermaid from the Pacific or Atlantic maybe… I live in the Indian Ocean, BOB .. this area I mean…so we have language differences.. I don’t understand wat the ‘Mermaid Doll’ was tellin)
Now…for the source
[Source: in medicine we call such cases having ‘multifactorial origin’.. firstly.. the mermaid… obviously coz im a mermaid…I mean my profiles, all of them have the mermaid..and like I wrote in a previous post, ‘the place where the lost get found’, that I was searchin for a new display pic for my orkut profile.. I was gooin thru many images of mermaids.. maybe that’s why.
Next, why such an ugly doll… well. That’s coz I remember seeing some very stupid images…mmmm like drawings by kindergarten students… maybe that
Next, the change of ‘static’ kooooo to the ‘HAIEE GOOO NANNICH CHAAAA’—
This cud have two reasons, one- while I was lukin for images, I remembered having seen the movie ‘Splash’ wich’s on a mermaid… I thot of searchin for her fact, I even thot of changing my name from ‘JaLpArI’ to the name the mermaid gives herself in that movie (the scene shows that since the mermaid doesn’t..ok I’ll describe the scene l8r), and since I don remember the name.. I wanted to search for that name..newaz… I didn’t coz not everyone must have seen aplash..(im now under the name TaNhA meanin lonely)so well, in that in a scene (yes,that scene)this mermaid.. ok I’ll tell the story til here..this mermaid somehow reaches this man’s house who we will call ‘clock’ coz I don remember his name. and clock tells her to watch tv to make herself comfortable and from there she learns English and one day she goes to a supermarket and buys lots of things and goes on buyin an buyin.. finally the shopkeepers come to her to tell her (all this while clock is searching for her) that its time to go coz they have to close the shop and they ask her name… she says she doesn’t have a name in ‘English’ only one in her own language.. they are amused and tell her to say the name in her own language… she says ‘ooooooiieeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiooooooooooeeeeeeeee’ in a very high tone…frequency or whatever u call it and all thetelevision screens in the shop all the crockery break and glass shatters everywhere…. You see the frequency of the voice of we the fish people si different from you all… :D clock reaches by that time and pays for the damage… and while returning he says that she needs a name.. and the mermaid picks up her name from the place they were at that time…that’s the name I was trying to search { ok I searched it .. the boy’s name is Allen and the mer cals herself ‘Madison’ from ‘Madison Avenue’}
And ssoooooooooooooooooo .. mayyybbbbeeee this change of frequency from the movie jumped from my subconscious mind into my dream :D :D :D :D :D :D
Two- I had told earlier that there cud be 2 reasons- don’t luk at me like dat! So the second reason can be that story which I linked yesterday ‘the place where the lost get found’ in it there’s something bout whales and their songs which Shelley follows.. but they are actually ghosts who are singing… and that’s how she gets lost in the seas… now we all know that the songs of whales wen recorded is just the same ‘koooooooiiieeee’ kind of thing (courtesy: Discovery Channel) and we also know that humans cant hear certain sounds coz of the difference in the frequencies… and we also know that sound waves travel at different rates in different media…(water and air).. we learned all this in school…. If u didn’t attend classes (and you didn’t even watch Discovery Channel to make up for the lost classes..) I’m so sorry…(I did both :D). and I think the ‘Ramsay witch sound from The Zee Horror Show’ appeared to signify those ghosts that made Shelly lose her way..
Nextwhy was this mermaid ‘different’ as in legs and all…well coz in that same story… there’s something bout mers being different… actually in that story they don’t have faces… and a good witch gives them faces… and shelly is all the more different coz she has rainbow colored hair…maybe the ‘difference’ brought in the ‘difference’ factor in my doll.
Next, why a ‘doll’ at all… well.. I came across an article in the Muslimah Media Watch… while searching for ‘South Indian Muslim’ on google blogsearch.. and I l8r realized that this was the article that prompted Nida from ‘the ideal Muslimah’ to write her post on ‘Bollywood’ which in turn prompted me to write my ‘Bollywood vs Muslims’ which led to a gr8 battle of sorts…. And Sobia is a Paki :D ;D (does it need to be told??? Hee hee hee) so I clicked on Sobia to read other ‘Indian Muslims are becharas’ articles written by her and came across this one on ‘Desi Doll’ who wears a hijab and speaks in ‘Arabic’ … and how Sobia doesn’t like this ‘Arabization’ of her culture :D :D kind of like wat I wrote in my “The whole world is Arab eh?” post a few days bak (though again, I don’t agree wid Sobia on many things, like I didn’t agree wid Farzana).. newaz.. so maybe… the ‘Doll’ thing and the ‘Talkin Doll’ thing especially and the ‘Doll talking in a different language’ especially especially is from here…
Next, why the tank? Why the water defying gravity? Why my sis and abbu? Why those two strangers? And why my ‘emotionless’ effort to show the doll’s abilities?--------------------------------- no idea! That’s from the place where Dreams are made…:) :)]

3. the dream of last night.. l8r… have got lots of work….and its been almost 2 hrs..

P.S.- for people who wonder how cud the mer in Splash live on land with her tail…
:x :x :x wellll….. this is to inform them that we Mer-People are ‘ichhadhaaris’.. we can switch from tail to legs to tail to legs….huh!!!
P.S.2- After reading this (if u've read it) you mite not be in a mood to read anything.. but u know.. just in case... :p
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Allah hafiz.


Shy said...

so u think im a mad female...well i too think i am sometimes but as u r extra extraordinary ,i am the most ordinary female on the planet(and mind u earth as u r from mars).u dreamz were hilarious, i also get such dreams and it is so nice to relate the dreams to their origins, i feel everyone should write a blog on their dreamz & origins from daily far as 'WOW' is concerned machli ka sar is REALLY WOW WOW WOW...

Shy said...

that shelly story was so ooo very kids-ko-bolne-wali types. play kar sakte hai uske upar. if i had been a primary school teacher i would have surely done it.and those quotes were too good.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

hee hee hee :)
yes u r a mad female :D :D :D

and hai na? achha story tha na??/ :D :D :D

baba log ko sunao.. mela jaanu baba log ko.. :)


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