Saturday, 12 September 2009

My Iftaar and Sehri....

Just thought of telling wat I ate for iftari and sehri yesterday and today (day b4 yes also, mmmm cant recall..)
It’s Kerala ‘Porotta’ and beef curry for iftaar.. plus cassava chips (made in kerala :D)and lime (nimbu paani).. and for sehri there’s dosa and chamandi (chutney--- which is only a peach colored liquid… nothing that can actually be called ‘chamandi’) and a chocolate.
Waise I also had cutlet and meat roll for iftaar… but that had been eaten long before I tuk the pic .. so well
And ofcourse, I opened the fast with the routine ‘do khujoor’… 2 dates like Huzur S.A.W used to…. Isliye uska photo toh is of no use na…
That toh is the same everywhere….

And ya I know ki im eatin too much but kya kare. It’s psychological… each evening wen I go out to buy iftaari items I feel ki maybe tonite I’ll feel hungry so ishudn buy anything lesses than wat I bought yesterday… then just as I have eaten my dates… all the hunger in the world seems to get drowned deep in the seabed of the Pacific…
But ab kya karna ???? I cant just throw away all that I’ve bought…
But, ive been buying itna zyada only since the past 3-4days… and trust me it’s so difficult to eat it all.. in fact, aaj toh the ‘porotta’ and beef curry filled me up so much that even the water tht I was rinsing my mouth with (for vuzu), was getting me ultra nauseated… :/ :/ :/ blaahh!!!
I think I shud stop buyin such a lot.. I mean eating once wud do… either for sehri or iftaar.. and maybe some snacks for the other time… instead I think I shud be buying juices… I have two limes for iftaar daily.. I cud add a pineapple juice maybe..
And maybe a grapes juice too… and even mirinda and even get some tea in the flask…. Coz’ ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! There’s nothing like drinking after a day of fasting… :) :) :)
But, comin to think of it… maybe even this is psychological.. I ‘think’ I will drink a lot.. coz I aint drinking so many things.. maybe wen I DO start buying lots of things to drink… I will vomit out everything.. just after the first glass of juice… :/ :/

Food courtesy : Sultana Bakery
‘Thattu kada’ or however you spell it… it means the ‘roadside shops’ … those small shops on ‘tables with wheels’ :D I cant describe it better.. the shops which give the most delicious food in the world….. [except of course the chamandi…..:/]

So happy last week of Ramzaan…
May Allah bless us all on the Lailatul Qadr nights….

P.S.- am not able to upload the pics..and today is 13th
Alah hafiz

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