Sunday, 13 September 2009

My Mostest Favouritest Blogger Is Back :D

My favourite blogger is back...
I am happy

and I am sad.......
Sad coz she has quit her job and is now doin Journalism at the Asian Colege of Journalism in Chennai.....i mean am happy for her and all... but you know.. somewhere deep inside my heart it pricks...
i wanted to be a journalist 'once upon a time in a magical land called India'. not that MBBS is bad... but .. u know wat I mean... like wen I read...
. I am a student now and doing something which I have always always wanted to do. I get to read a lot, write a lot and talk and lot and I wake up every morning thanking all my stars and wondering how in hell did I get so lucky? But that’s the thing about life. The minute you least expect it, whooooosh it sweeps you off your feet and leaves you breathless

wen i read such things.. i feel like ooooooohhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!!!!!!

i never had the guts to drop MBBS... and again i know I wont have the guts to leave this field and join Journalism....

Thanks to Allah for whatever He as given.... there are many dying to be where I am today...and yes, watever happens happens for good...

Welcome back Revathy :)

Allah hafiz

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