Saturday, 5 September 2009

The whole world is Arab ... ehhh??


And Ramzaan Mubarak.. oh hell!!! It shud be Ramadan Mubarak… isn’t it? well, so that’s wat many in India have started… not only the common crowd, but also a large part of the media has been bitten by the RamaDan bug… I personally find it quite irritating wen someone (who’s Indian) comes up to me and says ‘Ramadan’… of course, Keralites aren’t included.. they belong to an altogether different planet…. Which is related (if at all related to anything) only to GELF… (gulf.. malayalis pronounce it ‘gelf’)…
Today, while I was browsing the net for some good stuff.. any good stuff… I came across this little piece written by Farzana Versey… who’s a Muslim and is very much an Indian. The name of her site is Red Room.. you can search it on the net if you want…. I’m not goin to link it though…
So, this Ms. Farzana had the same thing to say….why on Earth have Indians started wishing each other ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ (even… Ramadan Kareem sometimes) wen from ages and ages it had been Ramzaan.
While I don’t agree with the lady on most things (for e.g. her take on ‘Ummah’), I can very well understand her. It’s the same thing that irritates me as well..” the killing of a totally harmless culture in the name of Islam.”
Like another reader pointed out, there’s no harm in saying ‘Ramadan’.. not at all… but then again, wats the harm in saying ‘Ramzaan’???? and if ‘Ramzaan’ is by no means harming my faith, or the faith of the millions of Muslims in India and all the more Muslims living worldwide… why do I need to change it or rather ‘rectify’ it to a more Arabic form????
Ramzaan is the way I pronounce it… this is my accent… my language.. my culture… y do I need to substitute it wid something which people in the middle east say? (as also the millions of White ladies who have married Arabs and somehow claim their rights over everything Arab!!!) I am Muslim Alhamdulillah… AND I am Indian Alhamdulillah. I am not an Arab even remotely… so y do I bother myself with Arab pronounciations????or whatever you wud call this difference?

I totally hate it wen people try to make ‘Arab’ synonymous to ‘Muslim’…. No, dear people.. these two words are different…. Very different… likewise I hate it wen people jump on ur head saying that this shudn be done and that shudn be done (even if it’s not beyond the fold of Islam) coz Huzur S.A.W and His Family had never done it..For all yoy and I can say…. Huzur S.A.W didn’t even wear pants… and the Ladies… they didn’t wear salwar kameez and dupatta… they didn’t use electricity… and they definitely didn’t eat canned food. While these things have become quite…mmmm.. we can say.. ‘global’ , we are willing to accept it, but anything that is still limited to India or the subcontinent… people grow claws with long nails to scratch at those things…
This is another of those ‘It-wud-be-hilarious-were-it-not-so-infuriating’ moments.

Saying that a boy and a gal cant get married if the many many customs including the ‘maang-bharna’ and the ‘muh-dikhayi’ and the blah blah aren’t done .. Is wrong.
In Islam, there is no need for any nautanki….there shud preferably be no nautanki.
But, let us assume we choose to do it all… wat goes so totally wrong? I haven’t gone against any of the Islamic rules.. yes, I have been extravagant… but then why don’t You first drop the idea of buying a Benz? Before you tell me that Indian marriages are extravagant and SO they are against Islam!
A lot of things that we do are similar to wat the Hindus do.. and that’s coz we r the same people.. u see… we have the same history and geography and economics…. 95% of our ancestors were Hindus… and even after they left idolatory.. they cudn leave a lot of their customs… and well.. big deal!!!

And just like people tend to question our customs.. they have also started influencing the way we speak…. Like I told, the lady mentioned ‘Ummah’ and this word is absolutely correct… the only thing is that a large section of the people say ‘Ummat’ or ‘Ummati’… similarly…. We say ‘Sunnat’ of the Prophet.. not ‘Sunnah’….
We say ‘Hadees’ and not ‘Hadith’……we use ‘Shareef’ and ‘Paak’ in most of the places even though Muslims from other parts of the world don’t use any such thing. Like we say, Kaaba Shareef and Qur’an Paak, but other Muslims don’t.
‘Huzur’, a word which we use for Prophet Muhammad is also an Urdu word and I’d be surprised if an American or Polish Muslim were to call Huzur by this name.
And I don’t know if ‘janamaaz’ is used by other groups of people or not… but well, we have always used ‘janamaaz’ for the prayer mat.. (in my post on ‘Diary Of A Social Butterfly’ I had mentioned how happy I was to read this word in the buk, since I hardly read it anywhere else) but now people seem to be replacing it wid ‘musalla’.. (I don’t know which of the two words is Arabic… I have just noticed this shift)
And the most common difference is …….. that Indians….. 99.99% of Indians say ‘Namaaz’ and not ‘salaah’ or ‘Salat’……

All these words, ‘Sunnah’, ‘Salaah’ etc.. are correct.. in fact, they may be The Correct Words.. but by pronouncing words in a slitely different way, do we become any lesser Muslim than the others?
Then why do we always show this strange behaviour of reading and writing the way we see ‘certain’ people doing?
Reading the Qur’an Paak in a better way is an entirely different issue…
I wud never mind anyone trying to read out the Quranic words in the most appropriate way.. but changing ur daily speech to something else… I really don’t understand the need for it…………..

There is a totally different dimension to the issue of Islamic differences wen it comes to Kerala… my little stay in Kerala has taught me a lot bout this exalted group of people (am being sarcastic.. in case you didn’t get it) and I think that shud be kept aside for another post at a later time.
For now, I can only say that…. U r free to say anything.. ‘Ramadan’ or ‘Ramazaan’….. coz wat u say doesn’t matter as much as whether or not u r fasting…. (Farzana is not fasting).. whether or not u r wiling to obey Allah’s commandments and live up to them.
I don’t think if I read the Qur’an in a horrible tone… if I take half an hour to read a single page of the Qur’an or if I pronounce every Arabic word in a way that makes it sound like Swahili……. I don’t think doing any such thing wud irk God as much as it wud irk God if I were to disobey that which is actually written.

U r free to switch over to Ramadan.. but I have said Ramzaan for the past 21 years 9 months and a few days of my life..
I am ready to change even the strongest of my beliefs if they go against Islam.
Does saying ‘Ramzaan’ go against Islam? Does it cause Allah to flare up and wud it have crushed the heart of my Prophet had He heard it???????????
Nooooooooooooo ……..
So, well!
Ramzaan Mubarak to all…
Have a Blessed 16th Roza tomorrow!
Allah hafiz


●๋•guℓѕнαn●๋•™ said...

Assallam aapi,

long r u :)

even i was kinda surprised/curious on use of Ramadaan and salat by south indians...i thought i was pronouncing the wrong way...or the bhaiyya way probably :P

i din't change my pronunciation though...but i had a hard time convincing ppl that it means the same thing...and it's just the south indian slang (ofcourse i was unaware this is actually the arab slang...gosh i am so ignorant).. the end..if u call a rose with any other name, it ll still smell sweet...or however teh way Shakespeare wrote it....

Ramzaan mubaraq :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Wassalam gulshan

ur blog is gone...
ur orkut account is gone....
watz wrong?
mind tellin me the reason for this insane behaviour????????

and ya... Ramzaan and the other words are mostly used by Urdu speakin ppl... so down South mein we tend to hear the 'Arab' words...
it's gud for them!!! but, there's no harm in the way we say it..

i want u to explain me WHAT HAPPENED?????????????

Ramzaan Mubarak tumko bhi...
apna tc karo
aur jaldi se waapas aa jao.
love u darling
missed u
Allah hafiz

●๋•guℓѕнαn●๋•™ said...

hey aapi..

thanks for the concern....well faced teh hardest part of my life last month..its kinda over but i cant promise if my orkut and blog are coming back any soon... which so damn sadddd:( :( :(

though my gmail is working....whooping yayyyyy :) :)

so i ll send u a chat request..i dont come online that often...i mean it's every day..but 4 a short time....but ll speak to u..

good to know that u rem'bered me :)

love ya

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

love u too gal....
and ya do send me the chat request.. coz i dont know how to send one... and my id is
agar gmail main nahi baat h pye toh mail me.. but then leave me a comment that u hav mailed.... i dont chek mails daily.. ok..
dear.. and watever happened shukr hai ki its over,,,,
Allah bless u gulgul..
tatas :)

sandy25.009 said...

"kerala" large population of this southern state is living in Middle east, especially Saudi Arabia the country which is expending hundreds of billions of its petro-dollars to spread the wahabbi islam, perhaps the worst form of islam when viewed from a non-muslim eye or an Sufi Eye.

i dont know whether south india is being flooded with only Arab words or the thoughts too.
that is dangeraous for indian social structure, but more danger for Indian Muslims, when it will boomrang themselves.

sandy25.009 said...

According to Western observers like Gilles Kepel, Wahhabism gained considerable influence in the Islamic world following a tripling in the price of oil in the mid-1970s. Having the world's largest reserves of oil but a relatively small population, Saudi Arabia began to spend tens of billions of dollars throughout the Islamic world promoting Wahhabism, which was sometimes referred to as "petro-Islam". According to the documentary called The Qur'an aired in the UK, presenter Antony Thomas suggests the figure may be "upward of $100 billion".

Its largess funded an estimated "90% of the expenses of the entire faith", throughout the Muslim world, according to journalist Dawood al-Shirian. It extended to young and old, from children's maddrassas to high-level scholarship. "Books, scholarships, fellowships, mosques" (for example, "more than 1500 mosques were built from Saudi public funds over the last 50 years") were paid for. It rewarded journalists and academics who followed it; built satellite campuses around Egypt for Al Azhar, the oldest and most influential Islamic university.

The financial power of Wahhabist advocates, according to observers like Dawood al-Shirian and Lee Kuan Yew, has done much to overwhelm less strict local interpretations of Islam and has caused the Saudi interpretation to be perceived as the "gold standard" of religion in many Muslims' minds.

Some of the hundreds of thousands of South Asians expats living in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf have been influenced by Wahhabism and preach Wahhabiism in their home country upon their return. Agencies controlled by the Ministry of Islamic, Endowments, Call (Dawa) and Guidance Affairs of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are responsible for Tableegh to the non Muslim expats and are converting hundreds of non Muslims into Islam every year


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