Thursday, 8 October 2009

21 Reflections.. From A Single Mirror ...


1. I’ve got a bad cold and a bad headache… wat I mean is, in general, I’m in bad health….

2. I bought DAS ka surgery text book… earlier I had thot of not buying any Indian Author..(earlier matlab a few days bak….usse bhi earlier I had thot of buyin wat everyone else in my batch is buying- SRB… and usse bhi earlier I had thot of buyin wat Shikha didi had used for Surgery- Manipal).. I was thinking ki waise bhi during exams there’s hardly any time to study (especially if you are me) and even if u study, u wont remember much of it.. and if u do remember, there’s very little chance that u’d get time to write all that you remember (especially if u write at my pace…I so wish they gave lappys to write exams.. Most people type faster than they write, you know!.... well, I mean most..not all.. and definitely not if u r Dr. Shikha or Amuda!!) so why bother buying another textbook.. I already have DAS ka clinical Surgery… plus I have Bailey…. And if u have seen the size of Bailey, u’d know that it’s more than enuf to keep me busy the rest of this life….
But well, today after a class-that-was-to-be-taken-by-Dimple-Cheeks-but-wasn’t-taken-coz-Surgeons-think-they-are-Gods, Aish told that she’s goin to buy the ‘Operative Surgery’ by DAS.. so I went along with her and bought my DAS textbook….
Now Almas has three Surgery buks- the Clinical buk, the foreign author, the Indian Author… her jeevan is complete….
Ab agar Almas padh le to moksha mil jaye usko….

3. I saw Prithvi’s movie- ROBINHOOD,……….. :D :D :D :D :D.. it’s a sexy
movie…I don’t know why some fuckers didn’t like it… oh sorry! that’s why they
didn’t like it… coz they are total fuckers!

4. Mammooty’s Raja picture is releasing tomorrow…. Sorry I don’t know it’s name.. I keep getting ‘Parshuram’ in my mind wen I think of it.. but I know it’s not Parshuram. Toh wahi.. ki I think its releasing tomorrow.. I saw the ‘Mammooty Fans Association’ wale log setting up that BIIIIIIGGGGG Mammotty cut-out in front of Seethas (wen we had gone for that ‘class-that-was-to-be-taken-by-Dimple-Cheeks-but-wasn’t-taken-coz-Surgeons-think-they-are-Gods’ ). I really want to see this film… this is the most expensive Malayalam movie ever made… and iska action director (or is it stunt man??? Whatever.. something to do with the ladai wala scenes) is the same one who did (whatever his work is) for Jodha Akbar…

5. very strangely, I have fallen in love with Mammootty… I mean, I suddenly like him sooooo much.. and no.. I haven’t seen any of his films recently..

6. The first Malyalam movie I saw was “Ka*****” sorry I cant pronounce the word… it was that movie based on the Gujarat earthquake…it starred Mamootty.. twas a sexy movie… I didn’t understand a word of Malayalam in those dayz (the beginning of my first year… at the College Film Fest ) and Jumi had translated the whole movie to me..and well… I had cried like a baby….. :) :) :) sometimes Language is not a barrier :) :) :) :)

7. I said, SOMETIMES…. Language is not a barrier…

8. I also want to see Loudspeaker, which is yet another Mamootty movie… and I also want to see some of Prithvi’s movies… and I am eagerly waiting for Ravana.. which is a Tamil movies starring Prithvi opposite Aish…. You mite as well consider me a Malayali from now on….

9. on second thots… plz don’t consider me a Malayali EVER……

10. The Hindi remake of Ravana has Abhishek and Aish.. ha ha ha … why? They think Abhishek is better than Prithvi?????? Losers……… No one’s better than Prithvi :* :* :* :*

11. I have always been in love wid Tamil songs…. I donno y im writing this…

12. I miss Chennai-Alpy Expres….off late Kerala University has become too erratic.. and so. I have been forced to ‘fly’ to Chennai instead of ‘chhuk chhukking’ in my lovely train…… I think I’ll just go to Chennai for a day or two and return…..just to be in the train….

13. in my life, Chennai has a synonym…. = Azhar.

14. I don’t think I’ll go… not just coz of Azhar.. but also coz of the expenditure and most of all coz of the ‘time’

15. I love train journeys….Totally…. I mean.. not anywhere in the North..

16. I have never been to North India…. (save three visits to Calcutta… last being in my fifth standard) I am scared of North India………..

17. I wud love to visit North India once…. VISIT….. I’m sure you know wat VISIT means… it mean VISIT…. And only VISIT

18. I was in College for TEN WHOLE MINUTES today…. From 12.35pm to 12.45 pm… if I knew this wud be the haalat in final year… I wud have spent all my nites camping in the campus…. (camping in the campus :D :D :D sounds so sweet :D :D :D .. to me…. and I don’t care how it sounds to u…)

19. Today I thot of two things that deserve individual posts- Death and Friends

20. I hate receiving ‘friendship’ mesgs… plus… ‘enjoy the college life’ msgs… Angoor na mile toh khatte……………. And friendship is the khatta-est thing in the world.

21. This was the longest ‘21 reflections’ I think… mmmm.. waise, I think by the time I write the next post in this series… I wud be 22.. so twud be ‘22 reflections’… cant be sure though… newaz,…

P.S- the name of that new mammooty movie is Pazhassi Raja...and 'z' is not pronounced as 'z'... its pronounced as 'r' .. mmmm// almost 'r'... newaz... dont try...

Allah hafiz

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