Friday, 30 October 2009

Ali Maula .....


Himmatein ata karo
O madadgaar…
Ali maula……
O maula.....

Aap hi ho quwwat-e-parwardigaar
Ali maula
O maula..........

Jazbaat kya hai Maula
Haalaat kya hai Maula
Ke shaatir iske saare vaar hai..
Har saansein khwahish sile
Saazish hai kuchh hai gile
Ke mushkilaate beshumaar hai

O shah-e-mardaan, sher-e-Yazdaan
Jaan fida Tumpe
Ali maula

La fatah illa Ali
La saif illa Zulfiqar....

This is a song from the movie Kurbaan. I have only heard the remix … so if there is a slower version, cant say bout that.. newaz.. the remix is too gr8 …

But the question that again arises is the ‘lyrics’ in the song…
Now…. In general, there is quite a split among Muslims as to whether or not music is allowed in Islam.
I do believe that music is NOT allowed in Islam…. Though.. I am myself not able to quit music…
But keeping this thing aside.. if we only try to judge this song based on its lyrics, I felt that something is definitely amiss…

Or was it just a prejudice that all “Ali” songs are defective….??????????

Well… let’s see…
Sabse pehle….
I don’t believe in sectarian Islam.. not at all… there are a lot of people who say that we need to choose a school of thot and follow it in its entirety.. and they give some very sane arguments favouring it…
I cant do that!
I just cant get myself to believe that anyone can be infallible…
Allah Himself says that the ‘Closest to perfection is Muhammad S.A.W’
And if Huzur S.A.W isn’t perfect…. No mortal is.
And so am not buying everything that any mortal says………… a mortal so far away from Huzur S.A.W.

Of course, I do have a ‘particular’ upbringing… I was brought up as belonging to a particular ‘sect’ of Islam, if u can call it that…., by a father whoz a strong-headed sectarian… and a mother whoz very receptive…
I took after mummy…
I definitely ‘do’ ‘things’ as per my ‘sect’ but I don’t blindly oppose everything that others do (and I don’t).. and if I think its good enuf, I see no reason why I shud be stopped from doin it, if I ever choose to.
That said, lemme get back to the song…

In this song, as in many others, the singer or rather the sawaali is speakin to Ali R.A.
Hazrat Ali R.A. (for anyone whoz reading this and dsnt know anyhtin bout Him) is one of the Holiest people in Islam…
He’s Prophet Muhammad S.A.W’s paternal cousin…. And therefore from the same blood-line.
He married Huzur’s daughter, Fathima R.A….. and they are the parents of Hazrat Imaam Hussain A.S (among others) whoz again a central figure in Islam (w.r.t Muharram)

Ali …. Was the first ‘boy’ to accept Islam… wen Huzur S.A.W had told his family bout the Revelation and that He’s been chosen as a Prophet, the first to stand with Huzur and believe Him was Ali……
Ali is one of the Prophet’s closest 4 Companions…. And after the demise of the Prophet, wen the Caliphate was established, Hazrat Ali became the 4th Caliph of Islam (who ‘shud’ have been the 1st caliph is a different question)

The story of creation of the world (which somehow many reject) goes that Muhammad’s Noor was created from the Noor of Allah and of the first few things created from the Noor of Muhammad were the Noor of the Four Exalted Companions….

So that is a very brief look over how important is Hazrat Ali in Islam.

And ya plz remember .. all the people mentioned above are completely, totally, fully, absolutely Human Beings… and Human beings……..and only Human Beings…..

Next. The Shia-Sunni divide is a political divide.. which only later turned into a significant ifference in belief systems. An over simplified view is that Shias believe that the rightful successor to Muhammad was Ali .. not Aboobaker, who actually became the 1st Caliph after Muhammad. Sunnis are not of this opinion.

And nowwwww since Shias give a very huge importance to Ali and the First Family……. Strangely Sunnis retort with a rejection of almost everything that goes in the line of praising Ali or Hussain……..(not everyone.. but a large number of Sunnis)..

It goes to the extent that many Sunnis refuse to hear the story of Karbala on Muharram …. Coz they label it to be a Shiite ritual.
A lot of times you’ll hear Sunnis saying that it’s wrong to ‘cry’ wen you hear the story of Karbala…they somehow relate it to the Shiite practices of lashing themselves and suffering pain on the occasion of Muharram.

Very personally speaking, I think, only a very hard hearted Muslim wudn cry on hearing bout the Battle of Karbala…..
It amazes me wen I find someone not in love with Hussain… I don’t understand how can any sane Muslim not be in love with Hussain. How can you not feel the pain that I do wen I hear of his shaheedi? Everything that happened was for us… then why cant you feel it? it really amazes me………

Yes, a lot of what Shias do in the name of love is Biddat….but wat is not is not.
Don’t go on labeling everythin as a ‘Biddat- Innovation’..

Likewise, Sunnis have this gr8 repulsion to all things ‘ALI’…. They claim that they love Ali a lot… blah blah blah blah….but they don’t need to sing songs to prove that.
Sure as hell! You don’t! then I pray you stop singing the Naats in praise of Muhammad as well…. Cant you prove your love for Huzur S.A.W widout singing praises????/

Yes.. Ali was a human… he’s dead.. he’s gone… he cant hear the songs we sing for Him.
But if Ali was a human, wat was Muhammad????
Huzur S.A.W too is dead.. gone……
However crude it sounds…. Isn’t that the truth???

Then if we still sing Naat Shareefs for Huzur, why cant we sing praises of Ali R.A.????

This is something I really don’t understand!!!!!!!!!!


Having said this much, I now move on to exactly wat I think CANT be told for Ali…
And for that matter CANT be told for ANYONE.

That is PRAYER.

I, as a Muslim, cant pray to humans……
La ilaha illallah Muhammadur RasulAllah………..

And if there is no God but God… how can I pray to anyone but God????
And hence… everything that says “Ali madad” goes crap……….how on earth can Ali help me??????? He cant. [of course, there can be a lot of arguments agnst it... well.. i dont buy any of it]

As a Muslim, I ‘ask’ Allah and Allah alone.
If ‘asking’ others was permitted, I’d have asked Muhammad before anyone……….and if I don’t pray to Muhammad……. Why? Why why why shud I pray to any other mortal????
I wont!

I will not pray to humans…. Wats the diference between a Muslim and a non-Muslim then??? If we too start God-ization of humans, how can we remain Muslims??? That’s against the basic Aqeedah of Islam…..

And HENCE .. a lot of the Ali songs go Islamically wrong…. Coz these songs ask Ali for help……………..
There are people who even sing such Naats…for Muhammad too… strange naats….well… at least I find them strange…coz they go to the extent of shirk………..
Yes……… wen you love someone, it’s very difficult to rein ur love….
But.. wel…there’s no way out…
Wen it comes to Islam, you just have to…
A lot of poets have written a lot in praise of Huzur S.AW. and somewhere they lose it… they go overboard and end up writing something that gives Muhammad attributes that only Allah can have.
Such verses are absolutely wrong.
I myself have read a few poems that just don’t sound rite…..
And apparently the very famous Burda Shareef also has some ‘shirk’ verses… I haven’t read Burda Shareef kabhi bhi.. so I don’t know! [but some Sunnis are absolutely fine wid such verses… and if u tell them that u cant attribute Muhammad with Allah’s attributes, you are labeled a ‘Wahhabi’ :/]

Isi tareh… praying to the khwajas and the various babas etc is equally wrong… I mean c’mon.. if we r not allowed to ask Muhammad for anything, aur kisi ka kya auqaad????? Who is above Muhammad?????

Allah and Allah alone.

Dargaah mazaar mein dua maangna is a very non-Muslim practice………it has nothing Islamic bout it.

We can pray FOR the dead.. not TO the dead……

And hence.. in MY PERSONAL OPINION, therez only one line going wrong in the song above..

“Himmatein ata karo
O madadgaar…

And of course the most beautiful line here is “La fatah illa Ali
La saif illa Zulfiqar....”

meaning 'There's no hero like Ali, there's no sword like Zulfiqar'
Waise if you ask me, I’d rather say…..La fata illa Nabi La saif illa Zulfiqar....
But.. khair………since Huzur himself mentions Ali...who am i to change that?

and lastly two lines from a longer Naat Shareef showing how many a times our love mit take us to the verge of shirk..
"Adab se zubaan thham kar reh gaya main
Habeeb-e-Khuda ko Khuda kehte kehte"

P.S.- Zulfiqar- the Heavenly sword of Prophet Muhammad > Hazart Ali > Imaam Hussain.
Allah hafiz


●๋•guℓѕнαn●๋•™ said...

Assallam aapi

I totally agree with what you say...Not only for Ali R.A. but also for many wallis and other great maulana people just go overboard with there love and rather display of the same...

it amuses me that how people overlook the most SIMPLE, most BEAUTIFUL, most ELABORATIVE, most BASIC thing of Islam i.e. [i][b]La ilaha illallah Muhammadur RasulAllah[/i][/b] totally leaves no space for any ambiguity, confusion or space to fit any one or associate any attribute of the Almighty with any one from Al-Aalamin...

and then again they doubt the decision of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. regarding Caliphah...when he is the most closest one to perfection...sigh!! how hard it is to understand these points??

But then the things round up to Shirk....people thats the only gunah..Allah Paak is not going to forgive...WAKE UP..

and about the myslef a "born" wahabi reverted to just a "muslamman" Alhamdulillah :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Wassalam gulgul

yupps!! you are rite darling!!
but the question bout Huzur's choice of the Khalifa is not as simple... i mean Hizir never mentioned that Abubakr R.A. was to be the first Khalifa..BUT there are sahee Hadees sayin that Huzur S.A.W told that whoever tuk Him as Master shud take Ali R.A. as Master.

of course that doesnt mean that Abubakr shudn hav been the Khalifa.. but that doesnt even mean that Ali shudn have been.

however, im pretty fine with whoever became the Khalifa... coz Alhamdulillah, Allah knows best and wat He has done has been done best.

Maalik ke marzi ke samne apne chaahat ki kya auqaad?

and Alhamdulillah gulgul... mussalman hone se behter kya ho sakta hai??? kya shia kya sunni kya wahhabi? hum to Thayyab ke rishte se jud chuke.....koi deewar kyu humein tode????

Musaffir said...

Jazzak Allah


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