Thursday, 1 October 2009

Bloggers Quoted #2

I quote myself :).. Actually I quote myself quoting others.. :)FromThis post in My Islam

"Ther’s this thing which I have heard many times….ki we shud never break a person’s heart…..coz God lives in the heart. And then God takes it upon himself to break the person who broke his dwelling place.
It’s the same thing…
Another example (which I think my hindi teacher used to say) is that wen someone abuses us….we can abuse back definitely….but we can also choose to remain silent… then this silence acts as a wall….from which our abuser’s words bounce back and hit them back…. Thus they end up abusing themselves"

Allah hafiz


Rayees said...

What your hindi teacher says is right? And the above thing about god dwells into human's heart is a total lie.. Because, Allah (SWT)says " Arshe Mu'allah" is His seat.

Shy said...

i don't agree...we should also hurt them and if possible give them a punch and kick and slap.
if possible hold them by their hairs and turn them around and hit them against the wall
if possible break their hands & legs
if possible strangle them
if possible kill them , finish them .....ha ha ha

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

yupps! there are things i wil settle out wid God...

:) kya ho gaya???? kispar itna gussa????
or best part was the 'ha ha ha'.... :D why r u laughing???? :D :D :D :D


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