Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A Good Day, Alhamdulillah!!

And a very good morning to all…. :) it’s 3.14 am .. I woke up at 1 am… and there are a lot of things in my mind.. before I forget, lemme write them down.

First of all, yesterday was a good day Alhamdulillah!
And as is my tradition.. i’m jumping from this topic to another topic and that is ki I strictly follow the ‘clock’…. Wen it strikes 12… midnite… plz switch over from ‘today’ to ‘yesterday’ (if u r talking to me)…. Or I will go on correcting u each time u make the grave mistake of calling ‘yesterday’ – ‘today’. And trust me having someone go on saying ‘kal’… each time u say ‘aaj’ is super-irritating!
I even correct myself.. if I mistakenly say ‘fir aaj I went to falana falana…’ I quickly add the ‘mera matlab kal I went to falana falana’..
Ask people who know me… they will testify to how irritating it can be.
And the people who know me that well, ki unse I have spoken at midnite include very few people… mmmm.. my parents, Azhar, Anisa…mmmm… Shikha didi..mmmmm.. bas shayad itne hi….though somehow I feel ki there were many other ppl who have got pissed at me for ‘correcting’ them.. lekin they escape my mind filhaal….toh khair…
Waise .. everything.. almost everything in my life… almost everything special in my life is restricted to my parents and Azhar…
Sometimes I feel ki ‘Parents’ includes three people- Abbu, Mummy and Azhar….
:) :) it’s strange but I have even TOLD Azhar….ki Azhu I love you like mummy….as in.. I lve you as anyone wud love her mummy….. I have told him ki Azhu I love you like home… as in.. I love you like anyone would love his home…. Very obviously.. Azhar misses all this.. he mite be a Taurean.. but his Venus Sign (for people who have been reading my blog…. I’m sure you know why Venus Sign is significant… for others- well, Venus is the planet of love, and sooo.. many astrologers prefer tallying the Venus Signs for Love matches over the conventional Sun Signs) is Gemini and now, don’t get me started on the element Air….pllllllzzzzzz… well, my Sun is in Sagi and my Venus Sign is Capricorn…:) :) (Wen I came to know bout this, I was soooo happy… Capri is an Earth Sign…and Earth signs are lovely lovers :) )and since Azhar is a Gemini … I cant really expect him to appreciate Capri Love…and since Capri’s ONE requirement in a relation is to be appreciated for the little things they do for the relation…Azhar and I are not together today…..
Toh wahi..
For me these are the coziest things in the world.. these.. and maybe cats…. Mmm.. not maybe.. definitely …. The coziest things in the world are Mummy Abbu Azhar and cats….thinking of them brings a totally different feeling… the feeling that no one can describe….
And I am hungry.. I wil eat sumthin pehle…

Ha toh yesterday was a Gooood day Alhamdulillah!
Minus the fact that all the namaaz went kazaa..
Started wid a surprise breakfast in the hostel- Appam Kadla :) :) this is one of those rare Kerala food items that I like… we get this only on Sundays.. lekin God had to make it a good day for me so we got Appam kadla. Then we had OP… hmmmm nothing gr8! But nothing bad either.. which is in itself something quite gr8! ….and since twas our OP day (out patient… am sure everyone’s familiar wid Out Patient Department--- haan so each day OP is by a different Unit. Today was S1 ka turn.. am in S1.), we had to go to the casualty.. coz u see.. MBBS students are waise bhi padhai ke keede… upar se Roll No. 1 to 10 (excluding 6) are usse bhi bade padhai ke keede… and in final year, everyone’s ‘keedapan’ has increased… :/
So well…. We decided.. actually.. not me.. they decided to present the Breast Carcinoma case in the casualty.. I was like nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…… but ab kya kare.. I was getting desp… and waise bhi I was desp coz I was thinking bout Mr. I the previous nite… don’t exactly remmebr wat… (btw I have been seeing lots of dreams.. with ‘interspersed’ Azhar and Chammu… and many other people of course.. but yeh dono toh mere Hero hai na :D :D Azhar is John.. chammu isssssssssssss…. Mmmmmmmmmm….. Ali Zafar’s wife :D :D :D :D :D :D ).. toh I thot ki chalo dekhte hai.. maybe unke darshan ho jaye…. But kahaaaaaa….. like Azhar says (in a steel voice :D) , “Where is our cham cham???? Went underground???” so newaz.. I didn’t see him…I haven’t seen him in a long time.. the last time I saw him was wen he was triple riding on a bike on a Friday long ago…. Prolly goin to the mosque.. cant say.. after that .. all I saw was a few ‘white’ glimpses here and there…. And since I have this disability of not being able to look at him.. I can never say if it was really him…khair..
Then I went to the LH.. our batch girls have got single rums.. I went to Amuda’s room…

Amu ka room

then I saw Naaz ke Mehndi Function ke pics.. All of them lukd so nice… :) jis din Naaz ka mehndi tha.. us din was my last day at home.. and us din India ko independence mila tha…..(last wala kuchh saal pehle hua tha)
Fir Amu and I went to jhoola jhoolo… :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

(this jhoola is from the net.. not the one at the hostel)

Onam mein these people put swings… there was one in the big tree near the Society.. lekin it was slanting in such a stupid way ki I cudn sit on it…..
But this one was in the hostel and it was pretty nice…
I love swinging on swings…. :) and u know wen Amuda was swinging I noticed that the entire tree was swinging sideways. It was sooooooo beautifullllllllllll……

Then I went to get my eyebrows done, then for coffee and all the while talking bout many things .. mostly Chammu… strange how much I can talk bout Chammu, given that I hardly know anything bout him…. Newaz.. I showed Amuda that post of mine which is one of the dearest things to me.. I have deleted that post from the blog…. It’s saved as a draft now…. :) :) :) it’s one of my most favourite posts….:) :) newaz

Then we went to that cornerrrrrrrrrrrrrr ka tree.. near the staff quarters…. And tried to take pics…lekin the tree didn’t come zyada clearly…

uske baad I came bak to my hostel. Then left for casualty.. waha had a nice class by Dimple Cheeks.. he’s a good teacher waise….
Achha I forgot, I had chapatti and beef curry for lunch..
Fir after casualty I went to Thaff to have a Pista shake
And tuk ‘Porotta’ and Beef Roast parcel….
Then I came .. I reached at 9 pm. I had my food,
The whole day .. I thot bout Chammu
I got up at 1 am…. And the first person who came to my mind was--- Azhar.
Its 4.30 am now….

Sometimes im scared ki.. socho I get married.. hav kids.. and blah blah blah blah… then marte waqt (jaise tv mein dikhate hai na) im lyin down on a bed wid my eyes closed.. and then I wake up and my entire family is sitin round me…I mean husband bache falana falana….and I say..’Azhar’….


waise generally deaths are not so dramatic…
but a bigger possibility is thinking of Azhar wen ‘senility’ starts….
Time heals everything.. that’s wat Azhar told a few days bak…
Yups!! Time heals everything…
Wound healing is a process that occurs with scar formation…..

I don’t want Azhar to end as a scar………….

But then…. There are some non-healing ulcers.. that remain forever… they grow in size.. they cause pain….they look ugly and give the patient no relief…they get infected.. and over time the infection starts spreading and consumes the patient.. his sleep, his work, his mind, his body.. until finally.. the only remedy that remains is amputation of the limb……..

Am gonna sleep for a while now
Lots of thigns to write. But no time.. bohot man hai.. but am sleepy…
Allah hafiz

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