Saturday, 17 October 2009

Happy Diwali !!!

Was a normal day. slept, surfed the net, slept some more, surfed some more. And opened my textbook…..

Happy Diwali!!! Waise I don’t know wats happy bout this Diwali. Maybe for the rest of the world, Raman has returned from the exile, but newaz, for the people of Punnapra, Alleppey, Raman’s exile is not over… there’s no celebration here. Diwali is one festival when u don’t just see celebrations, you also HEAR them. And so I can say confidently that Punnapra has again failed to celebrate something worth celebrating. Waise if u ask me, I wil tel ki the whole of Kerala hasn’t celebrated…….. coz they don’t celebrate so many things that we do… and even if they do, its so mild that u’d feel ki its just a rehearsal, asli festival is kabhi aur. Khair… toh though I want to say ki the whole of Kerala hasn’t celebrated, I’d stick to talking bout Punnapra, not even Alpy coz u see… ppl mite question ki how cud I see the world from this ivory tower in which I live.. and to that I have no answer! So well…

Faaris is better but Fiza’s started on IV… oh I dint tel.. they’ve got a viral infection… prolly Herpes Simplex….. appears to be that.. all symps of HSV1.. but cant tel…
That’s the problem wid twins…. Parents go entirely crazy jab two little angels fall sick ek saath.

Spoke to mummy with difficulty… lots of noise of the pataakhas….

A few days bak…. Mmm.. day before yesterday shaayad… diwali celebrations the in the MH. Two junior boys got hurt….ek ka aankh jaate jaate bacha, thank God he’s specy… Vaishakh… I’ve written

[Yaar stop calling me up.. Happy Diwali to all! But am not in a mood to talk to anyone… im fed up of takin cals.. seriously………..]

haan toh Vaishakh, I’ve written bout him earlier as well… he had stood for the elctions… he won waise.. I mean he’s the Chairman now…
[[[[this para is being removed coz twas meant to be sarcastic... but some1 just told me that it dsnt luk sarcastic.. it sounds like a truth!!! well.. so, for ppl whu hav alrdy rd it- twasnt a truth ok!!!chalo bye ]]]]
Ha ha ha !! the friend who just called me, Sarfaraz… jiska cal I didn’t take.. he sent me a msg “Kabhi kabhi fone utha liya karo” :D :D :D
Chal yaar sorry….

I don know wats wrong wid me……..
But I really think this is the rite way to be.
Maybe nahi
I don know…

A few days bak,,, that day jis din I wrote the post ‘A good day’, haan toh us din Amuda told me bout a joke that’s on bout Mallus…ki we know that Lakshman was a dedicated brother, he loved his bhaiya bhaabhi a lot and was in general a very good boy, and especially nice to Ram and Sita…
But wen they had gone into the jungle for the vanvaas…. Ek din achaanak Lakshman started behaving veryyy badly.. he was rude to his bhaabhi and was so unlike the Lakshman jisko Sita knew…
She was mystified by this sudden change in Lakshman’s ravaiya…..and asked Ram bout it…
Ram told, ‘Don’t worry… we have crossed the border of Karnataka… we r in Kerala now… isliye Lakshman is behaving aise… just wait, wen we cross the border again twill be ok’
Meaning ki Kerala mein no one can behave properly, not even Lakshman.

I don know wat reminded me of this….

So silly of me.. of course .. it’s diwali, that’s y I was reminded of this…

I want a camera. Achha wala
And then I want to ghumo… dher saare places taaki I can take fotos…. Dher saare fotos…

I downloaded Lucky ke gaane…. They are such beautiful songs na ki kya bataye….
I also downloaded Bhor Bhaye from Satyam Shivam Sundaram….

Koi sakhi saheli naahi
Sang, mein akeli
Koi dekhe koi jane
Paniya bharne ke bahaane
Gagri uthaye
Radha Shyam se
Haye haye
Shyam se milne jaaye......

Pazhassi Raja has released dhoom dhaam se... I wonder if I’l get to see it….

I hate this feeling of non-existence… I don’t hate it.. I mean I don’t know wat I feel for it…….. mere ko samajh mei nahi aata.. mere ko toh kaafi kuchh samajh mei nahi aata…

Mood nahi haiiiiiiiiiiiiii yaarrrrrrr………..

Seriously……….. kuchh samajh mei nahi aa raha hai.. I think I’l just go bak to thyroid…swim in safer waters….
Aur kya???
Bas… baaki.. break ke baad.

And I am waiting for the site to open….. bohot waqt le raha hai….
Am listenin ‘Bhor bhaye’
Now ‘sun zara’
Now ‘nazrein karam’
Now ‘kuke –umer khan mix’
Now 'Twist Mix'
Ab im tryin to upload a pic... koshish ek aasha...
ab 'Aaj fir jeene ki tamanna hai -mix'
lolz... :D :D
I came bak to write this...

"Nazrein kaha soti hai
Neende dhuan hoti hai
Jab din yeh dhale
Palko ke tale
Koi saansein le o jaana
Khamosh rahe kabhi chupke se
Koi baat kare o jaana
Ishq ka hai kaam purana
Chain banke chain churana
Ishq ka hai kaam purana
Chain banke chain churana"

ab i SHUD return to Thyroid...... :p
Happy Diwali :)

Allah hafiz


Shrinath Vashishtha said...

Hi, Almas!

I've been wondering, of late, why don't you submit your posts on Indivine!

And where in Andamans are you from? Answer, if there are no reservations, whatsoever.

Cheers! :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

sory 4 the ignorance... but wats indivine???

am from Blair...
Happy Diwali..


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