Monday, 5 October 2009

I'm surrounded by 'ULTRA-WISE' people...

Know wat? There are people out there who think that I have never heard of the search engine called “Google”…. They believe that it’s their duty to inform me things that will prolly be the first search result if u go to google and type the proper keyword….
Gr8! So much for the wisdom of these people. Newaz.
The next funny thing bout these people is that they expect me to clear my doubts bout my beliefs from people who are opposed to me.

It’s like asking Narendra Modi ki bhaisaab shud I cast my vote for Congress?????
Yaaaaaaaa…… asking Musharraf ki who had won the Kargil war???????

As if I don’t already know wat their answers wud be…
As if I give a shit to wat these people wud ‘suggest’ me…

:D :D :D wat Narendra Modi’s answer wud be .. is precisely wat makes him Narendra Modi….it’s precisely why he is NOT in the Congress.
Wat Mushy wud answer is precisely wat makes him Mushy… it’s precisely why he is NOT an Indian.

So, why wud I bother to ask something from someone that precisely makes them wat they are??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

If I gotto learn Bharat Natyam, I wont go to Shiamak Davar’s classes….
If I gotto learn Allopathy, I aint gonna work under a BHMS doc…..

This is called COMMON SENSE…….

So much for the wisdom of some people.

The third thing for such people is that…. Just the fact that I am thinking and talking bout MYSELF…. And you too are thinking and talking bout ME…. :D :D :D :D :D is more than enuf for my ego….. I can do widout ur makin a bigger fool of urself, though if u still wanna help. Im most glad! :) :)
Plusssssssssss……… wow on giving ME such a lot of importance, u see… it proves wat an inconsequent thing YOU are…..
There are people in this world who love Bush, there are people in this world who hate Bush….
It actually shows wat a powerful person he is…

To have people who love a thing….. and to have people who hate a thing… shows the power of the thing…. :D :D :D :D :D
Coz powerless things are not spoken bout………………..
And heyyyy wats the most spoken bout thing now-a-days huh???????? :D :D :D
luckily, we both are dedicated to showing the power of the same thing…. Now, aint this a reason for me to thank you ………. ???? lolz…. I still don’t thank u.. coz wel…. U can call me a bitch! :D

So much for the wisdom of some people..

Allah hafiz


sandy25.009 said...

Advantage Jalpari

happy with this score....i, will give u more chances to break my services and to rebounce at court.

Any way i am not inclined towards any political party thats y i can vote to any party if i will like the candidate. thats called POWER TO CHOSE, but you cant chose thats y u'll go and vote congress. no one can convince u, even the bleeding stomach of poor indians wounded by the "PANJA of congress" where that piece of shit Narendra Modi stands?
shocked??? i hate politicians who mix politics and religion or vice versa

ANd do you know who was the first man to mix religion and politics, politics and religion...... he was an arabian baddu.
yes we cant teach you some thing WHICH IS YOUR UNDER YOUR PROPERITERSHIP for example G-O-D
but yes u cant see ur own complete body with ur own eyes.

a few months ago. i met with a muslim man, tailor by profession outside the office of local Subdivisional officer, the man was poor and was there for a loan of Rs. 20000. he asked me to check his papers that wheather they are proper or not. He told me "is bar humne congress ko jitane ke liye jan ki baji laga di isliye MP hume ye loan dila raha hai".
i asked him "pehle bhi to yahi MP tha,tab kyu nahi dilaya loan?"
No answer.(by looking at the paper i was sure he was not going to get that loan)

i thought "bhai humne to vote dene ke liye kabhi jan nahi ladaya, jakar pehle ek do ghante apna nam dhoondte hai mil gaya to vote diya nahi to vapas aa gaye".

but i love this "lambi si love story of congress and muslims".
Agar aisi koi real love story hoti to ladki kab ka shadi ke nam par sexual exploitation ka case kar deti.
khair "enjoy rape"

sandy25.009 said...

u love dance and music (!!!!!!unbelievable!!!!!)
any way, same pinch!! (in pirated ishtyle)
i love music and dance too.
my favourate dancer is my "BHANJI" of 4 years, she starts dancing at every track she likes without knowing that whether the track is by Michael Jackson or Alka Yagynik. i love her raw steps, she dont know "ki samne indian classical chal raha hai ya phir hip-hop". she loves "RHYTHM THE GOD, DANCE THE SOUL'" not "BHARAT NATYAM, THE RELIGION" or "SHYAMAK DAWAR, THE PROPHET".

she will grow and gain the stuff called wisdom in this world, and the day she will step into the Bharat natyam or in the classes of DAWAR, i will stop watching her dancing.

there are more sufi tracks in micro-SD card of my cellphone than bhajans, from my child hood days i get attracted to sufi songs, from six months i am reading Qur'an and adding to all these things i was born circumcised, thats y some times 'maa' says "too jaroor pichhle janm me musalman tha".
she dont know pichhla janm, agla janm, sat janm are not in the concept of islam. but no one have any problem with my inclination love or hate to any religion in my religious family.
my hindu neighbors too dont have any problem with a hindu boy playing muslim songs in their mohalla.

i make fun of my sister when she worships the plant of "Shami and Tulsi" by saying y you worship "Baigan ka ped" (there are plants of brinajl near the shami), i laugh on muslim who bow before the raised Ass of "samne wala". one cant say that hindu worship the idols/plants/animals just because you see them bowing before idols through your eye which can percieve only a part of electromagnetic apectrum not the FAITH.
similarly one who says that we do not bow before idols/plants/animals cant claim that he is real worshiper of "THE GOD sarvvyapi, sarvshaktiman, the one god where one is non-numerical"
1.i am surrounded by people who worship God in any form, coz they belief God is formless.
2. i am surrounded by people who 'do not' worship god in any form coz God is 'only' formless.
it is clear who actually believes that the god has no form.

"Enjoy ur wisdom"

let me love my stupidness, my dumbness my dhakkan-ness.

sandy25.009 said...

there are people who love and respect criminals, does it makes that criminal a good
it doesnt matter that how much you love them, they will remain a criminal. and definitelyy those who love criminals will feel abused if any one will speak the truth in front of them.
and there are people who cant face the truth, coz such truth hurts them.
truth never abuses the truth, this is the truth.
and if ur abused by a truth ur not with the truth.

and yes u r in the powerful side, coz Homo kalashnikoviens are standing by ur side, which is the reason ur side is most talked about these days. then you had the swords now u have kalashnikov.
you have the power of blind believers,
you have the power of people with preoccupied brains.
you have the power of propaganda, ye show ur original face under caliphat or even under the rumors of caliphat like in moplah riots remain veiled under a wise and tolerant face till you get the power.


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