Tuesday, 13 October 2009

"The Painter Of Signs" ... Quoted#1


Here are a few selected lines from R.K.Narayan’s “The Painter Of Signs”

• “The essence lies in correct timing, a minute this way or that can make all the difference between a millionaire and a mendicant.”

• He found himself surrounded by an admiring crowd. They’ll probably ask for my autograph soon, Raman thought. Why should they gape at me like this? Nothing else to do…hundreds and thousands of people in this town have nothing better to do than watch, watch, watch and gape, all day.

• This is a jungle where other beasts are constantly on the prowl to attack and bite off a mouthful, if one is not careful.

• As if this were New York and I blocked the traffic on Broadway.

• But he felt abashed when he realized that he was perhaps picking his own loot in the general scramble of a money-mad world! He wished he could do without it, but realized too that it was like a desire for a dry spot while drifting along neck deep in a cesspool.

• While bicycling, his mind attained a certain passivity, and ideas bubbled up, lingered a while, burst and vanished.

• He was fascinated by that man. As he had absolutely no customers coming into his shop, and what sustained him was his acceptance of failure. A pessimist reveling in pessimism, and gloating over his frustrations, with all kinds of books heaped around him.

• “One cannot forever flourish and fatten in a father’s house, especially one born woman.”

Again, am goin slow wid this buk… I get so tired after clinics now-a-days………
P.S.- they are arranged in the order in which they appear in the book.. my favourite is the one in bold italics.. the one bout 'pessimism'
Allah hafiz

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